Karan Patade – “Wake Up”

Yup!  Karan’s got the vibe, no doubt about it. If I’m being truthful with y’all, he had me at hello with the playfully jazzy music that starts up this song, even before his radiant vocals began; and then of course by the time you get to that point, liking or loving this song becomes a […]Read More


SILVERSAGE – “Wake Up” – Single Review Now…if you read these pages on the regular, you know I spin these songs & records relentlessly as I’m reviewing them, that’s just how I roll.  But I don’t want to take any credit away from the impact Las Vegas-based SILVERSAGE makes with just one listen to their […]Read More

Aether Haze & Dark Wave – “Wake Up”

Aether Haze & Dark Wave – “Wake Up” – Single Review Interesting cut coming out from the infamous Minnesota Mifits crew, this time represented by Aether Haze & Dark Wave on the new single “Wake Up.”  Not a typo as far as I know…I’ll admit, I don’t really know that for a fact…I know we […]Read More