Sensitive Robot – “This Lonely Place”

 Sensitive Robot – “This Lonely Place”

It’s probably a good thing that I’m here to post up the new Sensitive Robot video quickly for you all in the ol’ special reports section of our page & not doing a full-on review this time around, or there’s a significant chance we’d be here all day long reading about this incredible new single written & played by Rob Johnson.  Stunned doesn’t even cover it – I’m convinced this dude is the best thing this side of Ben Folds – and all the proof of that you need, you’ll find in the mix of incredible sweetness & heartbreak you’ll discover on “This Lonely Place.”  From the lyrics to the entire piano-led melody & atmosphere, to the absolutely breathtaking & humble performance coming from the microphone…Rob’s completely outdone himself with this tune – “This Lonely Place” is every bit as powerfully emotional as it is truly fascinating.

I was already convinced we were hearing something special in Sensitive Robot the last time around, when we got a chance to listen to “Rise” in collaboration with the talented Alexx Calise…but I gotta say, “This Lonely Place,” for as subtle & low-key as it may appear, exceeded every hope & expectation I had for this band, even with the standards already being as high as they were.  As far as my ears are concerned – this is an award-worthy tune…and without question, one of the most sincerely time-stopping moments of 2019.  It’s beautiful, it’s sweet, it’s sad too – and it’s definitely one of the best singles I’ve heard this year, straight-up.

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