Alexx Calise – “Rise” Featuring Sensitive Robot

 Alexx Calise – “Rise” Featuring Sensitive Robot

The sensationally soulful vocals of artist Alexx Calise joins forces with the songwriting & production team at Sensitive Robot on the brand-new single “Rise” to create a powerfully vibrant Gospel-tinged tune for your speakers & screens this spring.  Definitely a collaboration that instantly makes sense to the ears, from the clear tone & technique from Alexx to the music surrounding her made via Rob Johnson, Dennis Morehouse, and Mihai Sorohan in the Sensitive Robot crew…everything here sounds like it suits them all perfectly.  In fact, you’ll see visible proof of just how comfortable this atmosphere became in the new video supporting “Rise” – you’ll get to witness the natural process of songwriting & see the song come to life from its earliest moments right on through to the very results you’re hearing as it plays.  You’ll watch the song expand from its opening with Alexx & Rob into a full-band setting with Morehouse & Rick Sepulveda joining them onscreen.  From what you’ll see to what you’ll hear – together, they “Rise” confidently to this collaborative challenge, embrace the spirit, and deliver a truly beautiful moment in time.  Check it out for yourself and push play on “Rise” by Alexx Calise featuring Sensitive Robot below!

Find out more about Alexx Calise & Sensitive Robot at their official pages below!

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