SBS Podcast 032

 SBS Podcast 032

In the new episode of the SBS Podcast, we rip the lid off of a bunch of brand-new tunes and details about brand-new projects, albums and live-shows happening…maybe even a bit too soon…  Sometimes enthusiasm can lead to trouble…but more often than not, it leads to awesomeness and a whole bunch of rad new stuff to listen to when it comes to the music!  Our intentions are always good and the music is always even better – lots of excellent new tunes on this week’s show along with some indie-classics you know & love.  Also features on the Samurai Shin comic/latest soundtrack called The Prelude EP and some new details on the man known as Mike Bee of Mike Bee And The Dead Soldiers.  Enjoy!

Your official lineup for this week’s podcast includes:

Neighborhood Goliath – “Animals”

Meena Kaye – “Keep It Simple” Featuring Mee And The Band

Robyn Cage – The Arsonist & The Thief

Mike Bee And The Dead Soldiers – “Jane’s Gone Into The Shadow”

School Friends – “Nonexistent”

Keem The Cipher – “Lost”

Chill$quad – “The One Switch”

The Vanilla Milkshakes – “Idiot Colorado”

Return For Refund – “TV Light”

A Truth Called Nothing – “Stories From Hammer Sea City”

Jack Of None – “Tenderly, She Said”

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