Rhythm Affair – “This Livens Up The Day”

 Rhythm Affair – “This Livens Up The Day”

If there’s one thing to be concluded about the music of Rhythm Affair after experiencing previous singles like “Boulder Highway Hooker” & “Her Grave” – and you factor in the gritty theme, inspiration, and subject of the new single “This Livens Up The Day” – it’s that this band is certainly willing to reach further into the darkness than most would ever dare to.  And you got it, yep, that includes us here at sleepingbagstudios…we’ll leave it to the internet and your Google machines to fill you in on the savage details of what “This Livens Up The Day” is all about – suffice it to say, it’s not for the faint of heart.  A genuine case of truth being stranger than fiction, and reality much more horrifying than anyone’s imagination could ever come up with…we’ll throw you the bone of a clue here and tell ya that the gruesome theme of this single revolves around events that take place on January 29th, 1979.  That’s where your research starts when you begin to unravel the mystery of this latest cut from Rhythm Affair’s album called She Comes In Colors, which was released just a couple days back on June 14th this year.  With a storm of thought-provoking imagery & emotion that’s powerfully moody but not at all without melody – Rhythm Affair has got a mesmerizing & slow-burning dose of melancholy & malevolence combined in the haunting vibes of “This Livens Up The Day” – have a listen to the Las Vegas-based band’s latest offering and check out their eerie brand-new video for yourself below!

Find out more about Rhythm Affair from their official homepage at:  https://rhythmaffair.net

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