Rhythm Affair – “Her Grave”

 Rhythm Affair – “Her Grave”

Heavy theme!  Rhythm Affair’s new single “Her Grave” is about a “single father’s anger with God after 12 year old daughter is killed in a school shooting.”  Definitely a subject that’s not for the faint of heart, but also one that’s all-too-relevant for the world we’re living in lately, as unfortunate as that may be; it might not be the most sunshiny tune you’ll hear this year, but there’s no doubt that it’s important for stories like these to be told.  Written in an alt-Blues style, with just a twinge of gothic sound in the mix through the lead vocals from Tulsa Flood as well, Rhythm Affair puts together a single that’s nearly like a cross between Nick Cave and Gary Moore on “Her Grave,” giving a genuine poetic feel to the lyricism and bringing brilliant hooks into the music through the solos & instrumentation surrounding the verses & choruses.  Solid ideas & smooth bass-lines…spectacular backing vocals from Eden Caz too – “Her Grave” may appear subtle and charming through the calm demeanor of the sound, but make no mistake, there are some seriously powerful words at work here within this idea and theme that will definitely send a chill or two down the ol’ spine as you’re listening to it.  “Her Grave” slow-burns with brooding intensity, boasts a clever rhythm-section, and leaves the thought-provoking lyrics hanging like wisps of smoke in the air as the song rolls along – have a listen to the latest from the Las Vegas-based band below!

Find more music by Rhythm Affair at YouTube here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTJbIFo3ktD-SXDTqLZyNww

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