Rev. Peter Unger – “Reunion”

 Rev. Peter Unger – “Reunion”

Ahhhh yes, the good reverend returns to our pages, and what better day than a Sunday to post up his latest single “Reunion.”

Been about three years or so since we last featured Rev. Peter Unger and his delicately poetic & expressive style of folk music, and it’s always comforting to know that an artist is still out there doing what they love even after all this time away.  With a combination of beautiful guitars and the genuine sincerity in the tone of his voice, coupled sweetly with the sentiment in his songwriting, Unger’s got a stellar way with words and a wonderful array of imagery & emotions in his lyrics.  Reflecting nostalgically upon his youth, and looking to the skies for comfort & catharsis in the present, Rev. Peter Unger brings his endearing sound & style to your screens & speakers delicately, and has you dreaming out loud along with him.  Check out his latest single & lyric-video for “Reunion” below!

Find more music by Rev. Peter Unger at his official YouTube channel here:

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