Ree$e Drillz – “I Promise”

 Ree$e Drillz – “I Promise”

As far as we can see & hear, Ree$e Drillz is a man of his word, doin’ what he does best grindin’ out his day, takin’ care of his people and rappin’ his bars with confidence and authority in his tone.  Don’t mistake these rhymes of his for threats – Ree$e Drillz is shootin’ straight on his new single “I Promise” and sounding like he’s ready to make good on his every word.  Dig this guy’s flow…he’s got rhythm, he’s got sharp hooks.  The video for “I Promise” supports the single perfectly on a visual-level – you can see that this is an emcee that says what he means and means what he says, right there on the screen in front of you in the intensity he’s got in his eyes – check it out for yourself & click play on the new single from Ree$e Drillz below!

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