Ree$e Drillz – “I Promise”

As far as we can see & hear, Ree$e Drillz is a man of his word, doin’ what he does best grindin’ out his day, takin’ care of his people and rappin’ his bars with confidence and authority in his tone.  Don’t mistake these rhymes of his for threats – Ree$e Drillz is shootin’ straight […]Read More

Butcherz Blok Music – “I Promise” Featuring LAWN

Butcherz Blok Music – “I Promise” Featuring LAWN – Music Video Release Really cool stuff!  Learning about Butcherz Blok Music, I gotta hand it to this crew led by DJ ROGO…the collaborative spirit of music runs deep here in this project and they’ve just released a stunning example of the unique, expressive & imaginative results […]Read More