Prophet David Taylor & Shades Of The Cross – “Let Your Peace” Feat. Yvonne Gage

 Prophet David Taylor & Shades Of The Cross – “Let Your Peace” Feat. Yvonne Gage

Prophet David Taylor & Shades Of The Cross – “Let Your Peace” Feat. Yvonne Gage – Single Review

Awwwwwww let it flow.”  #Yessir!

If you tuned into the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you would have heard the latest single from Prophet David Taylor & Shades Of The Cross finish off the show with a lil’ serenity for the people out there listening.  If you haven’t checked that out yet, well…you should!  And you can do that by clicking right here to go to the show and hear more of my thoughts on the good Prophet, along with his music.

Before the last episode of the SBS Podcast, it was actually way back in 2017 that we last had this collaboration of faith-based talent on our pages, when I reviewed a single called “Come Unto Me” and had my first experience with Prophet David Taylor & Shades Of The Cross – so it’s been a while!  That being said, it’s not like the man hasn’t been busy doin’ the Lord’s work, David always has been, and I highly suspect he always will be…it was only a matter of time before he’d return with more music for ya.  In between the last time we had him here at the site & now, you’ll find singles like “Creator,” “I Shall Not Die,” “Get Your Praise On!” and more posted up with official videos as well…lest we forget, just because you might not see someone on these pages of ours doesn’t mean they haven’t been plenty active!  Believe me, I wish I had time to write about it all, but at the rate y’all make music out there in this amazing music-scene we share, there’s no way that’s humanly possible; so I’m grateful for the moments like this where I get to reconnect to an artist that we haven’t heard from in a while to hear what they’re up to now.  From the sounds of the new single “Let Your Peace” featuring the sensational vocals of Yvonne Gage and the music of Shades Of The Cross, it sure sounds like things are going as well as you’d expect they would be for the genuinely humble man and artist we know & love as Prophet David Taylor.

There’s lots to love about a song like this, that’s the facts.  From the smart structure, to the sensational vocals from Yvonne, to the spectacular saxophone solo, and the soothing sound of the Prophet’s voice guiding us along, “Let Your Peace” delivers on its honestly sweet ambitions & the purity of its intentions.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – and this ain’t to knock religious-based music whatsoever – but it’s extremely nice to get music that ain’t just one dude and the ol’ acoustic guitar – the music from Prophet David Taylor & Shades Of The Cross is so much more involved & widespread between the many talents they contribute.  There’s depth in a song like “Let Your Peace” that dedicated musicians from all genres would completely appreciate, and in that respect, they reveal their crossover potential through their relentless professionalism – essentially, if you dig on well-made & well-played music, there should be nothing stopping you from getting into a single like this one here.  You factor in the uplifting vibes that come with it, the fantastic charisma of Yvonne’s soulful voice, the comforting way that David chimes in with His insightful wisdom, and the catchiness within the main hooks of its chorus, and I mean…there really aren’t any more ingredients I can think that would be required to get your attention than what they’ve already got goin’ on here.  Further depths are revealed through the lyricism as well – like you would have heard on the SBS Podcast, I talked a bit about how the Prophet David Taylor & Shades Of The Cross are unafraid to address real problems, issues, and struggles we face head-on with courage; they find the strength to combat these obstacles through Jesus Christ, and they devoutly do their best to share what they’ve learned, to you through the music they’re making and songs like “Let Your Peace.”

Make no mistake y’all – there’s a magic to this combination that really works well, and it’s engaging to listen to, whether you’re a faith-based person or not – hearing that they’re willing to take on such relatable thoughts & feelings we share is undeniably comforting, and downright appreciated, 100%.  Through the radiantly bright vibes and comforting sound of “Let Your Peace,” you’ll find you have no problem finding some of your own just by having a listen to this tune – it’s a serenity-inducing & soulful experience that hits the mark of its intentions to uplift & inspire you to reach the calm you truly deserve.

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