Pandu Hutomo – Madeleine Of Rogues

Pandu Hutomo – Madeleine Of Rogues – Album Review If you have a memory as long as mine and it works in the same strange ways, hopefully you still recall the name Pandu Hutomo from earlier this year, back at the beginning of summer when I was reviewing his single “Insane” – and lovin’ it, […]Read More

Pandu Hutomo – “Insane”

Pandu Hutomo – “Insane” – Single Review Hmmm… …am I not just about to tell ya a whole bunch of stuff you already know, Pandu Hutomo?  “Insane” came out back in 2019 and it’s in the six-digit category for the amount of hits and spins it’s gotten during the time since its official release…so clearly […]Read More