Pamela Hopkins – “One More Last Kiss” Feat. Jason Lee Campbell

 Pamela Hopkins – “One More Last Kiss” Feat. Jason Lee Campbell

Pamela Hopkins – “One More Last Kiss” Feat. Jason Lee Campbell – Single Review

Let’s see, let’s see…when was the last time I was listening to Pamela Hopkins…lemme see if I can find that information in my memory somewhere…ahh yes – it was way “Back When” now wasn’t it folks?  #seewhatIdidthere?

Listen.  What’s real is that, as I told ya back in September of last year in reviewing her music for the very first time, Pamela’s got the voice and talent it takes to succeed.  The material too for that matter – she’s probably more at the front of my mind than she’d realize after just the one experience; don’t let my intro fool ya for a second – I definitely remember her.  There are simply some artists & bands that you come across in this life where you know you don’t have to worry about’em – Pamela would be a perfect example.  She’s well on her way to where she wants to go as an artist, she’s written great tunes, and she’s been achieving stellar results with her Country/Pop sound…plenty to be encouraged by when it comes to the course of her career, and all indications point towards her star continuing to rise for sure.

Though…she has broken one of my cardinal rules in this particular single…so there’s that to consider – but other than that, I’m onboard.  We’ll get to that down the road here…y’all know I like to start out with some of the positive stuff I find in these tunes I listen to before I dive into any critiques, big or small.  For myself personally, a ton of that good stuff is revealed quickly – I love the tone of the guitars at the very start & continued to be a big fan of the sound of the music in this single, I think Pamela has a genuinely stellar voice that I am always going to enjoy listening to, and overall, she’s got an extremely insightful song that dives into the importance of cherishing the moments we’re in before they’re gone.   It’s like…if you’ve ever had that moment where you’ve said goodbye for the night to a loved one, or right before they leave or go on a trip or vacation or some kind of extended absence…you know that feeling…where right after the door clicks back into place and you’re both on one side & the other, and you feel that urge to run right back out there to get “One More Last Kiss” before you can’t?  That sense of urgency…that need…that want & desire…Pamela’s got that whole feeling detailed really well through her words in this song – and admit it, you knew the EXACT kind of feeling I was describing now didn’t ya?  That’s an indication of how relatable “One More Last Kiss” is…if you’re the romantic type, or the kind of person that proudly gets wrapped up in their feelings and thoughts with all the overwhelming emotions that come along with that…you’re bound to get a ton out of this single in terms of its relatable theme.  Plus you get a strong delicate performance from Jason Lee Campbell singing along with her…he makes a big-time contribution to how this moment comes alive & the story unfolds through your speakers, vividly adding in that extra dimension in the contrast of the vocals to support the picture we see in our mind.  “One More Last Kiss” is about hanging on to love in all the various scenarios & extremes you can think of really…whether it’s the end of the night, or the end of everything altogether – that feeling of wanting to spend just a tiny bit more time with the ones you really love is something we can all relate to.

So where-oh-where did she go wrong?  What rule of mine did she break?  First of all – who cares – who am I?  Keep doing what ya do Pamela, I’m just another dude with an opinion out there in this world.  Second of all, there ain’t no rules other than be yourself & do what you do.  That being said…I can almost promise ya…or any other artist/band out there in this scene we share, that having the word “smell” in a song is a very…hmm…okay – it’s just weird…I’m just gonna call it how I feel about it.  Like…I get it…it’s a description, and it’s one that we can tangibly identify with as listeners – all I’m sayin’ is that it’s the kind of word that comes back to haunt people when they keep on singing it years and years down the road…it becomes…stranger.  Combined with the fair amount of open space that exists right when the line occurs, and that it’s essentially right at the start of the song in the second line…there’s not a lot to mask the “smell.”  Maybe people like smelling people, I really do not know – I try to stay away from any & all of’em, so I really couldn’t tell ya what the normal human experience is like, I just know how I feel – it’s an odd word-choice, no matter who uses it, whenever it shows up.  Maybe there are people out there that completely feel the opposite about that though…I ain’t here to judge…maybe that kind of lyrical/sensory imagery is what a ton of ya want…and if it is, right on & have at it hoss, that’s all well & good.  Smells like Stetson to me…and maybe that’s my own isolated issue.  Look…pheromones are a very real thing…I ain’t disputing that; we’ve all gotta write about something – the vast majority of the somethings that Pamela chooses to write about I can fully stand behind, and regardless of what I think, or anyone else for that matter, I’d only hope she’d stand behind every word herself as well.  Keep on keepin’ on Pamela – you’ve got an incredible voice, and you sing your words like you mean’em, and that’s all that’s ever really gonna matter to me and most of us listening I reckon.

It’s a quality cut that dives into the pain of wanting someone close, who remains so far – and especially when we want them to be around the most.  “One More Last Kiss” is well-played, well-sung, and another solid single to add to Pamela’s growing catalog as she continues to keep y’all entertained.

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