Pamela Hopkins – “Back When”

 Pamela Hopkins – “Back When”

Pamela Hopkins – “Back When” – Single Review

We didn’t know how good it was back then…but it was back when.”  #IFeelThat

What have I been tellin’ ya for years now?  Great songwriting connects, no matter what the genre or style of music may be…and when an artist or band really knows their sound, there’s always a gateway in for us as listeners.  I’m always upfront about being found relatively outside of the Country realm with the exception of a few songs here & there, but an artist like Pamela Hopkins defines the exception really – because the reality is, she is in fact, exceptional.  Plus with the added advantages of modern-day Country being such a malleable & versatile genre at the moment, the bends towards Pop & endearing Indie vibes can also be found within a song like her brand-new single “Back When” as well, which gives her an even bigger opportunity to reach the hearts & minds out there with her hybrid style & incredible voice.  She’s got that Nashville sound and there’s no doubt about that…but a good listen to her latest song proves she’s got the sincerity required to back up her bulletproof songwriting, and make this moment real.

To me, that’s what separates the good from the great – especially when it comes to any artist that has spent their time refining their chops in the music mecca that is Nashville.  A stellar tune, that city is more than capable of churning out in a heartbeat as quick as you can pull up a bar stool – but those artists that aren’t careful, can get drowned in the sea of sameness if they compromise their personality in the pursuit of fame & forget what made them special, unique, and brought them there in the first place.  I’m proud to say Pamela, who is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, has survived her Nashville experiences with her character fully intact.  She’s taken the guidance, lessons learned, and techniques she’s refined throughout the years and clearly continued to thrive stronger than ever before, without having to sell her soul to do it – and her resurgence within the Country scene since about 2018 with the recording of her second record, has proven that the enthusiasm surrounding her music is still growing exponentially by the day.  And right on sister – talent like Pamela has deserves to be heard, recognized, and reach its full potential – a single like “Back When” reveals that this artist who has been in the game since roughly 1995, is still well on her way up when it comes to the direction of her career, and what she’s capable of.

The main point, is that SHE is still IN the music SHE is making – you dig?  We can often get so wrapped up in the craft of songwriting that we write ourselves out of the material, thereby watering down a true connection between the artist, the music, and the listening ears out there.  “Back When” is gorgeously adorned with vivid imagery & lyrical details that draw on sweet nostalgic feelings we can all universally appreciate and relate to, while also revealing her own personal experiences, and the many triumphs & tribulations she’s encountered along the way.  Having this much of yourself involved & immersed in the art can be a truly beautiful thing…and I’d argue that Pamela proves that’s the truth right here on “Back When” – we can see these scenes she’s painting with her words & stunning vocals in our mind as she sings them…and the very reason it all sounds so impeccably vibrant, alive, and real…I mean, you’d have to absolutely assume that’s the direct result of Hopkins still keeping these memories close to her to this very day.  I might not know a whole lot of things in this world, but I like to think I can recognize the difference between an artist that can write a really good song from a safe distance, and a fearless artist like Pamela that is immersed & invested in the material, giving you honest insight into the people they are, the journeys they’ve been on, and their real-life experiences – this song is all that & then some; the best of both worlds in fact…Pamela’s performed this brilliantly, and with all the heart it should have.

So…yeah…folks, I’m struggling to hear anything that’s not to love, and I’m comin’ up completely dry.  Not that I’m looking for a reason to pick on any of y’all – you know I’m always in your corner if you give me a reason to be, no matter what your genre or style of music may be.  The facts are the facts, and it is what it is, as they say – Pamela’s given us all a plethora of reasons to not just like, but truly love the music she’s making.  “Back When” is flawlessly played, has a remarkably welcoming & inviting vibe to it, and gives you a radiantly audible dose of the combination of passion & professionalism Pamela brings to her songs.  While “Back When” might not have that one major, defining moment to it that makes use of what is clearly a powerhouse singer – she will give you a slight glimpse of that epic potential towards the end of this new single; and what you trade for any singular standout moment, is an undeniable balance in every possible area from the music to the microphone, right from the concept to the final results.  It’s nothing but a compliment y’all – don’t get it twisted – what I’m tellin’ ya is that “Back When” isn’t trying to hook you in with some kind of quick gimmick – this is a song that’s built to last from start to finish, and it’s performed with the empowered strength to create real longevity on the ol’ charts & playlists out there.  “Back When” is a single that will have no problem holding up over time – Pamela’s blended the past with the present in an insightful way that’ll be relevant long into the future, while confirming she’s equally essential for the right here & now.

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