Otherside – “Stepping Stone”

 Otherside – “Stepping Stone”

Blinding Lights Create the Space, Still of Waters Taking Place!

This is absolutely magnificent!  I’ve been shouting praise about the electro-music of Otherside all month so far, and if I could have my way, that’s never gonna stop!  Seriously people – this is a project to be massively excited about – everything I’ve seen & heard from Otherside so far has sounded entirely fresh and been spectacular to experience from production to composition, selection of sound, structure…it’s ALL here!  Somehow – this project has found a way to raise the stakes even further with the new video/single “Stepping Stone” – which is just as wild to watch transform onscreen as it is to listen to morph through its intensely gripping & shifting sounds throughout the song!  The colors, effects, movements & transformations of the video for Otherside’s new single completely draw you in on a visual-level and definitely complement the vivid, dynamic, imaginative, and highly innovative electro-groove in the music…it’s like this entire moment in time is designed in 3D!  When Otherside flips the switch into the most intense parts of “Stepping Stone” – believe me when I say, it’s more than memorable – it’ll send you running back to repeat this whole experience and enjoy the build-up, tension, explosion & release, over & over again.  Continually impressed by the moves being made and the otherworldly ideas of Otherside being put out on display this year – check out another reason as to why that is by clicking the new video for the latest single “Stepping Stone” below – treat yourself and turn this UP!

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