Otherside – “Stepping Stone”

“Blinding Lights Create the Space, Still of Waters Taking Place!” This is absolutely magnificent!  I’ve been shouting praise about the electro-music of Otherside all month so far, and if I could have my way, that’s never gonna stop!  Seriously people – this is a project to be massively excited about – everything I’ve seen & […]Read More

OtherSide – “Meant To Find”

“Founding eons fall in place bounding inevitable grace…” OtherSide is back on our pages already – clearly this is one of the most inspired projects you can find out there in electro right now and definitely one that’s ready to make moves in 2018!  Really dig on the smooth chill and hypnotic groove that you’ll […]Read More

Otherside – “Lonely People”

“Tallest trees of windy leafs turning lightwaves into bliss!” Electro perfection from Otherside on the new single “Lonely People” – this impressively minimalist & controlled cut reaches a maximum impact through stunning movements and crystal clear sound.  Designed brilliantly, this new single stylistically shifts & transitions flawlessly, offering new dimensions & depth to its main […]Read More