Orgone Energy – “Love In Pisces”

 Orgone Energy – “Love In Pisces”

You know we love it when art & music combine in all kinds of creative ways – just like Orgone Energy provides!

Word on the street is that there’s a new crystal being released by this artistic outlet, this very month!  In fact, this is what Orgone Energy had to say directly about the new video for “Love In Pisces” and the new spiritual swag available for ya through their site online – the note I’ve got here reads:  “The music video is a concept, between connecting astrology, with love.  And also combining a crystal pendant I’m releasing in September, the song story is to fall in love with the stars in Pisces.”  You know you’ve got time to check out something like that & tap on into your own spiritual side!  No better time to do it than now – and no better place to help you reach your dreams & the stars than Orgone Energy!  You know’em, you love’em – we’ve featured’em here in the past and I’m positive we’ll do it again in the future – make sure to check out the new video for “Love In Pisces” below – and hit up their website for more information at the links down there too!

Find out more about Orgone Energy from the official website at:

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