Orgone Energy – “The Light Body”

 Orgone Energy – “The Light Body”

Love is the vibration that nobody can escape…

Check out some art of a different kind here at the pages today and see what Orgone Energy is all about – you’ll find more tie-ins between this & music than you might think at first!  According to the official posting for “The Light Body,” “The Hip-Hop track is a new way of connecting music to crystals, in general when you play music to crystals it alters the vibration of the gemstones inside the orgonite. We attune each crystal orgone pendant with Reiki music.”  C’mon now – how cool is that?  You can literally wear music and have it healin’ your soul 24/7 – who wouldn’t want in on that?  Check out the different & highly-detailed designs and learn the history & details of the art in the video for “The Light Body” below!

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