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 Nick Mintenko

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Interview with Nick Mintenko

SBS:  Let’s make sure we’ve got everyone on the same page – who are ya?  How long have you been doin’ this music thang and what’s the story behind it all?  What separates you apart from the rest?

Nick Mintenko:  Hey!  I am Nick Mintenko.  I have been producing my own original music since the Spring of 2016, and I have been performing in various original bands and cover acts as a bassist, singer, and guitarist since about 2008.  I try to keep a narrow field of artistic focus, so I stick mainly to Jazz, Folk, Pop, Contemporary, and Rock, but I have been known to dabble.  I guess what sets me apart is that I can play a few instruments, sing, write, and arrange music.  I am also learning recording techniques and can manage a live stage somewhat.  I guess the last step for me is instrument building and repair!

SBS:  How has this time in lockdown/quarantine affected you and the music you make?  Positives?  Negatives?  It’s obviously a crazy time for everyone, but certainly musicians throughout the independent scene as well…what have you been doing to make sure the music is still flowing somehow at this time?

Nick Mintenko:  Well, live music has all disappeared.  It seemed like it would be forever for me personally, but I may finally stab out and try live streaming in early June.  I have been apprehensive of the undertaking, apparently.  I first combated the extra free time with practice, and when I grew tired of that I turned to home recordings.  It is tough trying to time my takes in accordance with the bus schedule and their routes on my street!  I have also been jamming with my friends in the outdoors with the recent positive turn of the weather.  That has been lovely.

SBS:  Is there a lesson to be learned in all this Covid-craziness?  If so, what do you think it is?

Nick Mintenko:  Patience.

SBS:  What is the most key thing that people can do out there to support musicians during this time?

Nick Mintenko:
1) Financially, buy their music on Bandcamp.
2) Emotionally, write an email to an artist you like, or publicly share their stuff.  It’s so encouraging.
3) More emotions, I guess.  Try to include live music in your plans for the future.  We all need something to look forward to.

SBS:  There are some that say there’s ‘no going back to normal’ and others that still think that’s a possibility after all is said & done and we’re allowed outside again…what do you think?  Let’s ballpark it…let’s say it’s…September 2020, that’s not too far away…what does the world look like at that point?

Nick Mintenko:  To preface this section I would like to state that I think that overreaction in either direction can be unnecessarily dangerous or costly.  It is important to follow the guidelines of health professionals as best as you can and do what makes you and your family feel the safest, while not endangering others in your community.  Now for the question, I think the world looks much the same in September 2020 as it looks now.  I am only a parrot listening to the latest predictions from the doctors.  I cannot see myself forming an independent opinion as I have no education on the subject.  Until the disease is gone, or there is a vaccine, or everyone on planet earth becomes immune another way, there will be serious risk to large and important demographics in our global society.  In my opinion prioritizing their lives is paramount.

SBS:  What do you miss most during this whole lockdown?  What’s the first thing you plan on doing if/when things find their way back to normal, and why is that the most important thing to ya?

Nick Mintenko:  I miss hugging my friends and family the most.  I also miss meeting new people, and live performance.

SBS:  Open floor!  Anything else you want to say to the people out there?

Nick Mintenko:  Thanks for reading my answers!  You can check out my music at I’m always excited to hear from people like you.  Please also reach out if you would like to collaborate in a writing, recording, or livestreaming endeavour!

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