Covid Relief 2020 @ SBS!

 Covid Relief 2020 @ SBS!

Welcome to Covid Relief 2020 from sleepingbagstudios!

Now officially extended – we’re taking submissions on this special event until the end of May!

Let’s spread a bit of love in what ways we can at this bizarre time we’re livin’ in!

Three ways to be exact – and every one of them is free to all artists/bands out there.

We figured you might be bored or need something to do during this whole pandemic, so we’re here to help fix that!  From now, until the end of May, we’re taking submissions for written, audio, and video interviews to provide some entertainment for the people & a little bit of Covid Relief for us all.  We felt like the best way to deal with what’s on everyone’s mind already was to deal with it straight-on in a series of interviews, all of which are unique from each other.  So whether this is your first time interacting with us at SBS, or you’re coming back for another round, you’ve got up to three different options to get you & your music on our pages, on our podcast, and on our internet show – and we sincerely suggest you take full advantage!

At the links below, you’ll be able to find downloads to the written, audio, and video interviews for the Covid Relief specials.  The written interviews began posting as of May 1st.  The audio/video interviews take a bit more time to assemble together, but we’ll be rolling those out at the end of May/early June at some point as soon as possible.  Once again – you’re encouraged to take part in as many of these options as you like.

All formats are welcome when you send in your answers to the audio/video questions – if we run into any trouble opening or viewing the files, we’ll make sure to reach out and let you know, but for the most part, we’ve worked with anything & everything and as long as the audio picks up well enough on what you’re submitting, we’ll find a way to use it.  Film on whatever ya got, say whatever you like – it’s all up to you and you’ve got the time, so be creative and have some fun with it all!

You can download the video files in .avi or .mp4 formats, you can download the audio files in .m4a or .mp3 – just please make sure to number your answers the same as the questions so we can quickly turn all this around and get it out there onto the internet asap for ya!  For the audio/video files, please send the answers back via programs like WeTransfer ( , Dropbox, or Google Drive – you can link those to my personal e-mail at, where you can also send the answers for the written interviews or ask any questions about any of this any time you like.

Make sure to submit your answers no later than May 31st!  Looking forward to what you all have to say!  Stay healthy, stay safe, and let’s get some Covid Relief!

Thank-you to those that participated in this event.  We appreciate you big-time!  Stay tuned for new specials on the SBS Podcast and on SBS Live This Week in June 2020.

For all the other rad stuff we do around this place, check out our services page!


"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."

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