Nick de la Hoyde – “Hold Me Close”

 Nick de la Hoyde – “Hold Me Close”

If you’ve been following our pages, you’ve already seen the fantastic lyric-video that was put together for “Hold Me Close” when it was initially released – but now…NOW you get the full-dose with the official video for this completely single-worthy tune from artist Nick de la Hoyde.  A fantastic mix of R&B & Hip-Hop, with a gorgeously expressive sound – we’ve definitely been huge fans of this song since day one and it is awesome to see this single continue on getting itself out there.  As of the time of this posting, the official video for “Hold Me Close” is already nearing the 100K view mark at YouTube since its release in late January of this year – impressive numbers for an impressive song/video that deserves the attention it’s getting.  Beautifully shot and expertly assembled by the production team of Lawrence Lim & Tribal Apes, “Hold Me Close” now has the visuals to match the song’s core sentiments and romantic inclinations that it was always meant to have – plus it’s got the main man himself, Nick de la Hoyde starring in it!  Can’t go wrong with this one – he’s created an insanely catchy song along with music-maker ZU/ZU – and it now has a brilliantly sweet video to go with it – check it out for yourself below!

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