Natalie Jean And Levi Moore – “The Letting Go”

 Natalie Jean And Levi Moore – “The Letting Go”

If you had a chance to check out the review on this single earlier this year, you’re already familiar with the level of sweetness & sentiment that you’ll find in this empowering tale of love and breaking free from whatever holds you back from Natalie Jean & Levi Moore – and wouldn’t you know it, they’ve got themselves a great video to support their new song that visually adds a wonderful story onscreen to complement the words, feelings, & emotions of “The Letting Go.”  Really well shot & well put together – “The Letting Go” is vibrantly relevant & meaningful on all kinds of levels…it definitely captures the core essence of the songwriting and its intended heartfelt ambitions through the video – you’ll appreciate just how much this visual vibe suits the song, check it out below!

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