nasmore – “Safe In My Dreams” Feat. Dana Miuccia & Neil Taylor / “Safe In My Dreams” (The Story)

 nasmore – “Safe In My Dreams” Feat. Dana Miuccia & Neil Taylor / “Safe In My Dreams” (The Story)

nasmore – “Safe In My Dreams” Feat. Dana Miuccia & Neil Taylor / “Safe In My Dreams” (The Story)

If you’re among the savviest independent music fans out there in the land, and already tuned into the latest episode of the SBS Podcast, you’d have not only heard the new nasmore single “Safe In My Dreams” featuring Dana Miuccia & Neil Taylor, but also would have listened to one of the other two versions as well, with “The Story” that inspires the song.  All-in-all, that accounts for two out of the three variations on “Safe In My Dreams” that I personally know to be available online…and chances are, knowing nasmore’s penchant to try out new things, different sounds, and unique approaches – who knows…there might even be more tucked in his ever-growing music vault somewhere in Saskatchewan.

I’ll tell ya this much – I appreciate this dude.  I’m well aware of the realities of Spoken Word tunes and how the vast majority of ya wouldn’t even be brave enough to give it a click, let alone have something like this catch on throughout the wild west of the internet – and I’d imagine that most of us are, up to and including nasmore himself.  So that right there should tell ya something – the very fact that he’s created the “Safe In My Dreams” version with “The Story” isn’t done in pursuit of fame & fortune, or likely even to be any kind of overnight viral sensation either – no.  You make tracks like this for the pure love of the game…the attachment to the craft of being artistic, regardless of what the results will ever be.  I know for myself personally, I freakin’ LOVE experiences like this – but I have to recognize by that same token, I’m not everybody…I’m fairly confident that these pages of ours here in this tiny corner of the internet have proven that at this point.  You know how you remember asking people what kind of music they listen to and they respond with “everything” & you KNOW that’s NOT the case?  It is for me.  So heck yeah, I say – bring on the Spoken Word, bring on the ART, be fearless with all of what you create like nasmore has been, test the waters and see what it is you’re capable of in this one lifetime we’ve got.  Honestly, I feel like “The Story” worked out extremely well.  The details in the words are spectacular, the storyline itself holds up strong, and the narration is essentially on a whole other level of good.  We might have a dispute & healthy back & forth debate about the pronunciation of a word like “harbinger,” but just like anything else in this world of media we’ve created – we’re willing to accept a whole lot on our sides of the screens & speakers…the real bottom line is as long as we ‘get it,’ then really all is forgiven.  And that’s the case with “The Story” or basically any other form of Spoken Word where the narration is THIS amazing…I wouldn’t care if every word was or wasn’t mispronounced if things sounded THIS great.  We’ve really got a full-on revival of the art-form itself here in the way “The Story” is delivered verbally – this is as enticing, dramatic, bold, and interesting as any reading could ever be…and hopefully, that’ll have a few more curious clickers stickin’ around to have a listen & learn more about what “Safe In My Dreams” is all about thematically, and discover the threads that tie-in the original, to this version here.  I’m not saying that’ll necessarily just happen…Spoken Word still takes a ton of convincing for the average every day set of ears out there to even just attempt to get it listened to – and beyond that, any concept we’ll ever write about or within, is always more apparent to the creators & writers than any of us.  Like I said…you make tracks like these because they’re personally rewarding and artistically fulfilling – the rest would be purely heartbreaking if it was dependent on the flat-line pulse of people listening.

As a song, of course “Safe In My Dreams” stands more of a chance of getting the audience that all this effort deserves.  Perhaps one day in the future, people will be a bit more adventurous in what they choose to listen to, but I’ll be long in the dirt & buried by that point, filling the bellies of many worms.  For the time being, it still is what it is – there are some of us that appreciate art in all forms, and much more of a majority that simply likes something catchy to listen to.  “Safe In My Dreams” in its original form featuring Dana Miuccia and Neil Taylor probably straddles the middle ground if I’m being real with ya…for some, this too will already be considered to be too much on the artistic side of sound to be a song that they’d normally jam on their playlists – and for others…the real art lovers among us out there…I’d imagine they’ll truly appreciate the dimensions of depth in the exquisite & graceful sound at work.  Dana’s a fantastic talent in how she sings – her natural instincts & technique is as spectacular as it is truly spellbinding in the results of what you’ll hear…and while Neil plays more of a background role in this particular track, he also makes essential contributions that come into play further along the way that really increase the drama & subtle intensity of this track as well.  nasmore’s production on this track as a whole, is genuinely something special – like…if you could hang this song as a piece of art in your home, you absolutely would – “Safe In My Dreams” is authentically an experience to behold in that regard.  While it moves slowly & artfully, it’s still got a wide range of gripping sound & its own unique appeal to it – there’s completely an argument to be made that this isn’t your typical ‘single’ for sure – but that’s not always something that matters in this day & age or anything that should factor into why we create the art that we do.  What’s always paramount, is that the artists involved find the moment to be rewarding for the soul…I figure that’s where we start, and if anyone else happens to get the honor & opportunity to listen, even better.  nasmore, Dana, and Neil should all be immensely proud of what they’ve accomplished and achieved together on “Safe In My Dreams” – it’s an undeniably fascinating track with every bit as much to offer the mind as it does the ears.  Think of it this way…and then take a page out of nasmore’s playbook once you do – it’s tough to get anyone to listen to ANY song out there in this world given how many of them that there are, and infinitely harder to make that happen on an independent level without the trucks of money the mainstream pumps into pumping up their statistics.  So if that’s the case (which it IS, I assure ya) – what’s stopping YOU from creating your music and art in the exact way you’d want to make it, whether or not someone ever listens?  The only answer is YOU and the perception of the way things have to be…an invisible set of rules we think we’re supposed to follow, that’s not in any way conducive to making real art whatsoever.  Be fearless, be creatively unencumbered – be like nasmore, and recognize that there’s always going to be ENOUGH people out there that truly do appreciate what we do to make the effort all worthwhile, but more importantly, that satisfying our own creative desires is the key to enjoying this life, and makes our mark in music’s history permanent as well.

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