Michael Va – “Say You Love The World”

 Michael Va – “Say You Love The World”

What did I tell ya at the end of August?  Michael Va is on the rise & making moves.

If you read my previous review of her single “Say You Love The World” – fantastic!  If you haven’t yet, make sure to click right here to read my thoughts & catch up to the rest of us out here digging on the stylistic vibes she’s been launching onto the internet this year.  Continuing her surge into the scene in 2021, Michael has now officially released her vividly cinematic & spectacularly directed/edited new video supporting “Say You Love The World” – visually confirming the sensational talent she’s become.

Much credit to director Alessandro Guerra for the incredible work he’s put into finding the perfect sets & settings to feature the spectacular beauty of Michael Va & her radiantly empowered vocals – the whole look of her new video is gorgeous, and the precision timing & editing is straight-up outstanding.  Like all great directors, he’s ensured the star remains the star – and through a rapid series of scenes onscreen, we follow Michael right into an adventure that blurs the lines between true art, and real life.  Right from the get-go, you’ll see how it works as the video brilliantly takes you inside of a painting, and reveals Michael with angel wings onstage in the spotlight to deliver the performance of the song’s isolated & intimate beginning.  As the dynamics of the song start to shift & the beat kicks in, you’ll see the visuals perfectly mimic the fluidity & flow of what you hear, cleverly threading together multiple scenes quickly & seamlessly as “Say You Love The World” finds the heartbeat of its intensely emotional melody & relentlessly catchy rhythm.  As committed to the video as she was for the song itself, Michael proves to be every bit as confident, compelling, and captivating onscreen, as she was for the recording.

We call it like we see it & hear it here, always have, always will – Michael Va is hot like fire in her new video, and delivering the kind of professional quality you wanna find from sight to sound as she breaks ground with her career and catapults herself on up the charts & to the top spots on playlists out there.  A single-worthy song deserves the same respect when it comes to the video supporting it, and between Michael’s superstar talents & the visionary eye of Guerra’s direction – they’ve more than achieved the objective – they’ve created an authentic combination of multiple mediums & art-forms in one stunning experience and given “Say You Love The World” every advantage it should have in reaching its audience.  Make sure to give it a click for yourself & witness what Michael Va is capable of – she’s stylistic, soulful, and supremely enchanting – and she proves that from start to finish throughout her new single & video.

Find out more about Michael Va from her official website at:  https://www.michaelva.com

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