Marcos The Arrow – “Lonely Days, Strange Days”

 Marcos The Arrow – “Lonely Days, Strange Days”

Absolutely beautiful.

There are some singles out there that you feel you could happily spend an eternity listening to, and this is surely one of’em.  With the spectacularly serene and delicately mellow & mesmerizing vibes of his gentle acoustic-based music, and the wonderful sound of wisdom & experience in his voice, Marcos The Arrow wanders straight into a hypnotic song that heads straight for your heartstrings.  Similar to the special connection you’d find in the music of José González, or acts within the independent scene like Sam And The Black Seas, Perren Street Parade, and Once More, Autumn – the peaceful sound of “Lonely Days, Strange Days” shimmering on the surface invites you into the depths of the emotionally complex layers of drifting thoughts & feelings on display underneath.  With an ethereal debut music-video that brings brilliantly artistic visuals to mirror the sincerity in the atmosphere & aura of Marcos The Arrow’s new song – there’s no doubt he’s made all the right moves here to support this tender tune in ways that stand out gorgeously from sight to sound.  Sure there’s melancholy to be found amongst the isolated vibes & theme of “Lonely Days, Strange Days” yes, but there’s also a remarkably inspired light, warmth, and welcoming glow to the entire song that can’t seem to help but captivate & charm your soul with an uplifting & hopeful spirit at its core that is as resilient & present as it is beautiful.  Stunningly subtle & entirely enchanting – Marcos The Arrow is making the magic of music come sweetly to life through this new single/video – have a listen & look for yourself below.

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