Ludwik Konopko – “Up & Down”

 Ludwik Konopko – “Up & Down”

Ludwik Konopko – “Up & Down” – Single Review

I’ve long been a believer that the right music finds you at the right time.  While it’d be fair to say that I’ve pretty much felt that way about instrumental artist Ludwik Konopko for this entire year so far, I think I’ve felt that way more than ever about his latest single “Up & Down” specifically.  Many of you regular readers & followers know I go through some pretty intense emotions as I ride through the new music y’all make…an empath to the nth degree; I don’t just listen to what you create – I genuinely feel it.

Now…that doesn’t ALWAYS mean that whatever I personally feel is the way things genuinely are – we all internalize & personalize the songs we hear to a degree…but for the most part, I’d be willing to bet that I at least get close to the general consensus of how the music being put out there will be received by all of you listening out there.  So when I tell ya that you might just want to have a box of Kleenex handy when you go to listen to Ludwik’s latest song…consider that to be a fair warning…”Up & Down” could very well hit you right in gut with an emotional punch unlike you’ve ever experienced.  On the wrong day where things might not be going right for you, it could be devastating…and on other days where things are a bit calmer, perhaps a track like “Up & Down” will carry just enough hope and resilience to help you though whatever issues you might be facing.  Because good & bad, “Up & Down” – music is always there for us whenever we need it most…and over this past week or so, I’ve really appreciated having Konopko’s new song through my speakers.  Highly contemplative and intricately played, “Up & Down” is the kind of tune that you can lose yourself within…and before you know it, hours might have passed, your mood might have changed, the clouds might have parted, the light & a pathway forward might be illuminated – that’s the effect of listening to songs like this that carry such extraordinary emotional weight & depth to them.  No one out there would hear music like this without thinking or feeling SOMETHING inside them – “Up & Down” is about as moving as a song could potentially ever be, and depending on the mood that you’re in, it could very well speak to all of us in a stunning variety of brilliantly contemplative & thought-provoking ways.

For myself personally, with so much change on the horizon with the upcoming move across Canada coming this summer, the sadness of leaving my new home, the pressures of going back to the home I once knew, the unknowns of how much has changed in between when I was last there & now…I dunno – call me crazy, but “Up & Down” showed up in my life at a time where that describes exactly how I was feeling.  One minute up, the next down…rinse & repeat…and with each day that’s been passing, it’s like there’s been another step forward and another two steps backwards…the push/pull of life at its 100% most complex and complicated…and…and well…I don’t think it’s hyperbolic to say I NEEDED this song.  With “Up & Down,” I’ve been able to find the peace and clarity I’ve so desperately been yearning for in my mind…slow down my heart rate a bit…stop worrying so much…and realize that everything will be ok.

Great music SHOULD have an effect on us like that.  Like I said – I don’t expect that the experience of listening to “Up & Down” will be completely the same for YOU as it was for ME…but I can guarantee that you’ll quite likely find something in this song you didn’t expect to find, and perhaps learn something new about yourself at the very same time.  Songs like this speak straight to the fabric of our DNA, the core of our souls, and every fiber of our being…like reconnecting with feelings you haven’t even acknowledged for years, stuck way down deep inside you and wondering if they’ll ever see the light of day ever again.  “Up & Down” isn’t just a great song – it’s immaculately profound; I felt better just by listening to it, truly.

It’s like Ludwik knows every single right note to play on his guitar.  I could go on & on about how much I love his musicianship, or how exceptional the writing is on “Up & Down” beyond the instrumentation – but I think you all get it.  He’s completely among the most gifted talents I’ve had the pleasure of listening to this year, and he’s certainly earned my attention as a loyal & devout fan that’s always looking forward to whatever he might come up with next.  It’s going to be hard for him to outdo what he’s created with “Up & Down” for me personally…this is absolutely my kind of melody and instrumental tune that I enjoy most…there’s just something so insightful & comforting to be found in the music he’s making, and that’s certainly true of this particular single from start to finish.  Konopko’s got incredible wisdom & talent that transcends the instrument he plays…he’s got a unique understanding of how life works that emanates beautifully from his guitar strings, and has you feeling like you could listen to his music forever and ever.

Thank-you Ludwik, for sharing your extraordinary songs not only with me, but with the world as well – I know I might not speak for everyone out there around the globe, but I can tell you for a certain fact that I personally appreciate every single note & tone you’ve ever put through my speakers to-date…that I genuinely feel lucky that your music found me, and better for it.

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