Ludwik Konopko – “RAIA”

 Ludwik Konopko – “RAIA”

Ludwik Konopko – “RAIA” – Music Video Post

This right here…is one truly world-class talent.

I’m not just saying that because we’re way over here in Canada and Ludwik Konopko is based way over there in Katowice, Poland – have a listen for yourself…the passion & skill this guy plays with is nothing short of completely remarkable, absolutely mesmerizing, and enticing to the nth degree.  The precision, pace, and professionalism…it’s purely outstanding!  “RAIA” is an exceptional single by every conceivable definition, with the kind of top-shelf performance that’s guaranteed to draw in listeners from all over the world, whether they even realize they’re a fan of instrumental music or not.  Because I’ll tell ya this much folks…if you weren’t a fan of instrumental tunes before listen to “RAIA” – you will be afterwards.

Compelling, hypnotic…outright spellbinding if you ask me.  Not only does “RAIA” sound like all that to begin with, but it now looks like it too with the official video expertly put together by Janusz Frychel as well.  You can SEE the technique every bit as much as you can hear it thanks to the scenes in the video, and there’s no question that goes a long way to help create the incredible impact & impression on ya that this single most assuredly will with every click, play & view you have in listening to it & watching it all onscreen.  A genuine case of “what’s NOT to love?” – “RAIA” is straight up spectacular from start to finish and as authentically engaging as music could ever possibly be as far as my ears are concerned.  Chances are, you’re going to feel the exact same way – Ludwik plays with such remarkable passion and melody that is as ALIVE as you are yourself!  Absolutely stunning from sight to sound – I know I’ll be listening to a whole lot more of Konopko’s music from here on in after this experience with “RAIA,” and once again, I’ll bet that you’ll be equally inclined to join me in discovering what else this tremendously talented musician has got out there.  I’ve got GREAT NEWS on that front too – from what I can see online, he’s got brand-new singles like “ANA,” “Sunday Alchemy,” and “Chickee Chick” beyond what you’ll find on his debut record called Free Time & this shiny single/video combination on “RAIA” – lots to be heard out there, and you bet I’ll be listening.

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