Le Sonic – “I’ll Be The One” Feat. Lauran Beluzo & Robert Lee

 Le Sonic – “I’ll Be The One” Feat. Lauran Beluzo & Robert Lee

Le Sonic – “I’ll Be The One” Feat. Lauran Beluzo & Robert Lee – Single Review

Le Sonic reached the pinnacle of success when their first single, “Any Moment” hit No. 1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart!

Well, hey now…there you go.  Not bad results for a debut single of course, and that takes the pressure off the second single for sure – there’s nowhere else to go but down after you’ve reached the pinnacle of success!  Put your feet up & relax Le Sonic!  Words are strange and funny little things, aren’t they?

You might even remember us featuring that single here in review, sometime back in September of last year.  “Any Moment” was a solid tune then for sure & it still is now as well…but it’s always nice to see confirmation that we’re not the only ones that were hearing a song in a certain way.  We ranted, we raved…you know…for as much as anyone is gonna jump up & down about Smooth Jazz & all…but yeah – it all makes sense to me that Le Sonic ended up receiving a bunch of well-earned praise & shiny accolades for their efforts on that first cut.  Honestly I think I like this second cut even better…so watch out!  If their debut cut reached #1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz chart…this new single could go even further and be the number one…est?

Like I was saying…words are strange and funny little things.

Anyhow.  I am speaking the truth for what it’s worth…they’ve got another real quality tune on their hands here – though perhaps for different reasons this time around.  If you heard their debut, you’d know full-well, just like I do, that quality is going to come naturally with the music of Le Sonic and the professional pair of producers in behind the scenes in the band’s core duo of Mike Rogers and Gary Lefkowith.  Music was clearly their calling, and they’ve got an immaculate understanding of what makes it sound great to our ears…so hearing that “I’ll Be The One” came out sparkling from start to finish, was honestly no real surprise to me…that was the expected part I suppose.  Guitarist Robert Lee, who was also a featured guest on “Any Moment” in that debut offering from Le Sonic also returns for this track as well…and once again, no real surprise in the sense that he brings the perfect dose of guitar to this single and a remarkably smart, controlled, and professional addition to the melody overall.  I ain’t gonna lie to ya – you can tell that good ol’ Bobby Lee could play this tune in his sleep…so there’s that…but that speaks more to a lifetime of music-makin’ that has honed a well-crafted, reliable skillset over the years that always delivers the goods, than it does to any kind of minor contribution here.  He’s still an essential part of this whole song for sure…though I will say…it would be awesome to hear this guy light up a whole record one day with the kind of talent you can tell he has in the way that he plays the guitar.  Not a hair outta place with Mr. Lee I tells ya…it’s always been crystal clear that he’s as professional as professional can be.  Or at least, as crystal clear as it can be from the two singles that I’ve heard from Le Sonic so far…you get it. Obviously he’s much more professional than I’ll ever be…but hey, who ain’t?

Where “I’ll Be The One” delivers its biggest WIN – that’s right, ALL-CAPS – is in introducing any of us out here that didn’t know the name of Lauran Beluzo before, to the name of Lauran Beluzo now.  This lady is an absolute knock-out when it comes to her technique and how she sings…and…well…quite simply – she needs to be puttin’ this incredible voice of hers to work a whole lot more than it seems like she has been!  I can find a seriously extraordinary single called “Cause I Love You” released last year…a couple of Christmas tunes which…well I’m sure they’re awesome…I feel the exact same way about all Xmas tunes, a guest appearance on Hip-Hop’s Matt Maratea’s record for the hooks on a cut called “We Got Love” – and no doubt, some of you out there might remember her from American Idol back in…2018.  I don’t know who won that year because I don’t personally watch AI or even know if it’s still on, but if it wasn’t Lauran, I can tell ya that’s an indication of everything wrong with that show, and full proof that they missed out on some amazing talent standing right there in front of’em.  You might also know her as Elle B, a stage name she previously went by and had covered a whole bunch of songs from Etta James to Ed Sheeran & a handful of others…trust me folks, you don’t get to be as good as she is now overnight – this is the sound of a dedicated artist that is going to continually get better from the time she began to the time she finishes her career years & years from now.  I don’t know how Le Sonic lucked out into finding her – but they absolutely scored in securing her for a performance on “I’ll Be The One” and having Lauran star in the video as well…this lady lights up the room from sight to sound, and you simply couldn’t get a better note out of her the entire way through this single.  As well suited to a song as you’re likely ever to hear – Lauran slides right into this Smooth Jazz tune from Le Sonic as a featured guest, and pretty much steals the entire show…which is genuinely saying quite a bit in itself, given the level of professionalism she’s surrounded by in Bobby, Mike & Gary.

You will find no complaints from me here – this collaboration works out brilliantly.  I love the piano in this tune & the way it interacts with the sparkling guitars from Bobby and Beluzo’s stunning vocals…the gentleness of the beat in the mix – the mix itself & the spot-on production…I mean…Le Sonic has simply left us wanting for nothing more, and found exactly the right people to bring this song to its full fruition.  The hooks are super strong & highly memorable, the sound is flawlessly smooth as Smooth Jazz can be – and I’d once again bet that I won’t be the only one out there on the internet loving this tune…Le Sonic has got the Midas touch when it comes to the art of making music, and this second single fully proves it.

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