Le Sonic – “Any Moment” Feat. Robert Lee

 Le Sonic – “Any Moment” Feat. Robert Lee

Le Sonic – “Any Moment” Feat. Robert Lee – Single Review

Undeniably smooth…you gotta dig this remarkable start for Le Sonic in 2021.

As far as I’ve read, they’re a production team, comprised of two main dudes by the names of Mike Rogers and Gary Lefkowith at the helm.  Their credentials…are expansive…like, there are so many accomplishments & achievements & milestones throughout their collective careers that it’d keep us all here all week reading about’em if I listed them all.  Suffice it to say, they bring experience that ranges right back to the roots of the golden era on-forward straight into the modern day, and I can certainly promise ya that within a single spin of “Any Moment” you can hear how the skills & wisdom they’ve attained throughout their years plays a significant role in their flawless vibes & genuine professionalism today.  Smartly enlisting the talents of guitarist Robert Lee to add the cherry on top for their latest single – this whole cut flows with seamless fluidity, sensational musicianship, and all-out sparkling sound – “Any Moment” is the kind of song where every moment you’ll hear feels equally inspired and uplifting.

Ain’t nothing not to love here – this is essentially as tight as tight can be.  Not only is the instrumentation & production remarkably impeccable, crystal clear, and massively enticing – but the real magic in Le Sonic might very well still be the fact that, even though it’s brilliantly played & intricate in its design, the organic smoothness of “Any Moment” makes every single second come alive with the real passion you wanna hear…to the point where it feels like you get to witness Le Sonic up close & personal doing what they’d naturally do, even if no one was around – you know what I mean?  It’s a loose groove, played tightly – that’s what I’m saying…nothing feels rigid, nothing feels forced, everything fits and fits right in time with where your ears would wanna hear it.  Quite simply – you can hear this is made by career players & ace musicians that have an incredible understanding of structure & style – real professionals that couldn’t miss the right note even if you paid them extra to do it…this is a crew of collective talent & players that have clearly always been dedicated to the craft & art of making music; a song like “Any Moment” really allows them the opportunity to organically display their professionalism.

Shout-outs to the full band at work on this release, which includes the talents of Dennis Collins, Jim Hynes, and Frank Rodriguez in the mix as well – all hands on deck have certainly brought their A-game and very best to “Any Moment” – and if they haven’t, consider me fooled completely.  All I’m hearing is green lights ahead for this smooth jazz crew…they’re rockin’ with gentle but extremely relevant sound that’s innovative, inventive, and exciting, subtle as it may be.  Think along the lines of stuff like Peace Orchestra or The Thievery Corporation…that’s the kind of potential I’m hearing in a project/band like Le Sonic – for those of you familiar with their music, of course that pretty much indicates limitless creativity & imaginative sound through relentlessly high-quality experiences & adventurous tunes to be enjoyed.  I mean, don’t quote me on that – I’m not IN Le Sonic – I’m just tellin’ ya what I hear – and from what my ears tell me, this band is gonna be capable of anything they wanna set their minds to accomplish, 100%.

No doubt they’ve got the right pieces in place here for “Any Moment” – this is nothing short of an absolutely fantastic first impression, and a jazzy single that I’m entirely sure people out there across the world are gonna love.  Le Sonic plays this cut with such controlled swagger & style, such superbly smooth sound, and such spectacular guest-stars in the mix, “Any Moment” can’t help but make a lasting & memorable impact on ya, and instantly have you craving more of whatever they come up with next.  The brass is perfection, the guitars from Lee are built with the purest tone you’ll likely ever be lucky enough to listen to in one lifetime, the added hint of vocals & harmonies is stellar, so are the keys – and the rhythm section is locked right into the vibe to keep this whole track on a path straight to victory.  If there’s something out of line here, I’m sure not hearing it – I don’t think you could have asked anything more outta this team of verifiable all-stars – Le Sonic sounds incredibly enticing, charming, enchanting, welcoming, and wildly inviting on their latest single.

Find out more about Le Sonic from their official page at Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/LeSonicMusicOfficial

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