Lady Crush – “Fuck” Remixes

 Lady Crush – “Fuck” Remixes

Lady Crush – Fuck Remixes – Singles Review

Whether it was her single “She No Lie, She On Fire” or the video to support it…somewhere along the lines, Lady Crush certainly pulled me in with her vibrantly sexy and confident music.  A genuine fan at this point – I got lucky with the Lady once again and snagged a few more singles from her 50 Shades Of Fuck compilation record…and wouldn’t you know it – I’m just finding more and more reasons to love this fine woman and her music.

And while it all might sound friendly in that intro there…make no mistake – this Lady would CRUSH you – she is ALL woman, believe me.  Anyone that’s seen the video for “She No Lie, She On Fire” would attest to that.  But aside from my man-crush on Lady Crush – there’s really a lot more to it and a lot more going on to further some of the points I’ve made about her music already from our past reviews and postings here at the homepage.

You see…Lady Crush is filling the cracks…wait…I mean…she’s filling the holes…hmmm…okay…how am I supposed to say this right and sound like a music reviewer instead of a complete pervert…alright I got it – Lady Crush is supplying the answer to all your wildest dreams and desires.  Hmm.  Close enough…I’ll have to accept what I’ve written there, because it IS true…but what I’m REALLY saying is – Lady Crush really has an opening here…in music – get your minds out of the gutter readers!

Okay…I set you up for that…and I’ll try to calm myself down…Lady Crush gets me amped right up and excited though – so it’s always a challenge when dealing with these sexy songs, rhythms and grinds she creates.  What I’ve been trying to say – is that she’s fitting right into a space that’s unoccupied right now in music – one that she can certainly claim as her own with the stunning confidence and authority she genuinely puts into her material.  There isn’t a champion of sexualized music out there in the mainstream right now…at least not one that’s so wildly provocative and proud of it like Lady Crush is – and that creates a massive opportunity for LC to get herself an entire fan-base that will identify with her point of view, and her music.

There.  I feel better now that’s off her chest.  I mean, MY chest.  Good lord – Lady Crush, you see what you do to me?

And with a bangin’ single like “Fuck” – chances are, I won’t be the only guy that blushes just a lil’ bit when it comes to listening to the sultry, sex-inducing music she makes.  The imagery she creates through the lyrics on “Fuck” is enough to send me right to a cold-shower to calm myself down…and chances are, you’ll feel exactly the same way.  What can I say?  I’m attracted to intelligent, bold women who challenge the boundaries and make music with maximum confidence – and Lady Crush embodies these attributes in her music.  She’s courageous…she’s brave…she’s flat-out fuckin’ fearless really – LC is unafraid to get right down to business – and as inviting as she might sound…don’t forget I’ve already warned you – she will EAT YOU ALIVE.


The “Fuck (Full Version)” I’ve got here sounds exactly like what it IS – and that’s produced by a Lady that really knows what she wants and how to go about gettin’ it!  With a drop-style beat & bass-line, this is definitely a club-style track that is bound to raise the eyebrows of many out there and certainly capture the attention she so richly deserves.  And she truly does deserve it – like I said, I’m attracted to confidence personally…and YES that’s the music I’m talking about (For sure this time) – and Lady Crush oozes confidence while she cruises through these beats.

What was really surprising, was actually hearing that the remixes I got my head around were so different from each other, that they were like totally different experiences.  Every time I went to “Fuck” – it felt like I was a virgin all over again, listening for the very first time.  I definitely dig what Lady Crush did for herself on the “Full Version” – but I also found that this song ended up being just as powerful in any form it came in.  I dig the choir-style vocal-effects that “Fuck-The-Banga” had, and the extra sparkle & shine that her collaboration in producing this version with BangaBoy brought out.  I think in general, the song is certainly accessible due to the incredible beat it has in all forms…but the added brightness put into this particular remix gives it a bit of a lift.  With added electro-elements swirling into the mix, creative vocal-edits – this proven collaboration that has worked perfectly in the past finds another victory here on “Fuck-The-Banga.”  Solid as a rock, these two work perfectly in sync with each other.  BangaBoy steps to the mic towards the ending and adds a verse to this version, and again, it all works incredibly well with the vibrant electrified edition of “Fuck.”

I mean…you know…I’m saying accessible and all…just don’t expect to hear “Fuck” in any of these forms while you’re standing in line at the bank – cause that sure as hell ain’t gonna happen.  Lady Crush belongs in the underground, where she can command the scene with the authority of a musical-mistress – and she’s certainly come to that conclusion already.  This Lady completely owns her style and attitude and no apologies need be made.

On the “Fuck” Vs. “Your Only Friend” (Phuture) mash-up by DJ Darth Raul, it dips even further into the comfort of electro.  The big-bass sounds get accented and highlighted even more throughout this version once again…and the whole track spreads out a little more towards the EDM side of electro.  DJ Darth Raul was Lady Crush’s original 80’s tour DJ – so it’s no secret he already understands how to make this music spin in all the right directions.  With added vocals into the mix and smart edits & cuts lining the track – it’s a little bit shadier through the overall mix comparatively to the other two versions – but again, each of these versions of the hit-single “Fuck” by Lady Crush demonstrate the versatility necessary to really keep the attention firmly on her and not have anything sounding like we’re listening to exactly the same thing as we just did prior.

She’s unique – and I think that should really make this work well for her finding her place in music’s history…mainly because she bravely puts it all on the line like no one else out there ever really does.

I also think it’s extremely hot in here now.  Gonna hit up that cold shower.  Thanks Lady Crush!

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