Lady Crush – “Fuck” Remixes

Lady Crush – Fuck Remixes – Singles Review Whether it was her single “She No Lie, She On Fire” or the video to support it…somewhere along the lines, Lady Crush certainly pulled me in with her vibrantly sexy and confident music.  A genuine fan at this point – I got lucky with the Lady once […]Read More

Lady Crush – “She No Lie, She On Fire” (Feat.

The more I learn about the music of Lady Crush, the more I seem to dig what she’s doing.  I mean…it’s impossible NOT to love this video for her hit-single “She No Lie, She On Fire” – it’s hotter than hot and sexy as hell!  Lady Crush is an exceptionally confident beauty and a dedicated […]Read More

Lady Crush – “She No Lie, She On Fire (Feat.

Lady Crush – “She No Lie, She On Fire (Feat. BangaBoy and Castle)” – Single Review There’s definitely a lot of ways that you can examine this new single.  You can look at it from the Lady Crush perspective of ‘this ain’t for the little kiddies – this is grown peoples talk’ – and that’s […]Read More

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