Kridix – “Remington”

 Kridix – “Remington”

Whether it’s late-night still for ya, early morning to start your day, or really any other time as well – you’ll find there’s always room for some Kridix tunes.  Stoked on this artist & the old-school animated brilliance put together for the video “Remington” – and what a spectacularly chilled-out vibe this single has to go with it!  Definitely the kind of dream-like melodic fusion that strongly connects through its beautiful swirl of pulsing & sweet sound – “Remington” is the kind of cut that doesn’t have to fight for your attention, it’ll captivate ya with mesmerizing vibes that will have zero problems hooking you right in for a closer listen.  You’ll love what you find in this highly imaginative & expressive mix of sound…and if I haven’t mentioned it already (I have though…), the video supporting this single is all aces as far as I’m concerned – y’all know I can’t live without my cartoons, and this whole style of animation is one I absolutely dig on.  I have LOTS more I wanna say about Kridix…and I’ve got all the plans to do that coming up on the next episode of the SBS Podcast coming out later this week – so make sure to tune in for that episode when it drops onto our pages to find out a whole bunch more of my thoughts on this artist…and we’ll also be spinning a whole other single for ya too!  Until that magical moment arrives – make sure to have a look & a listen to my own first introduction to the music of Kridix via the video for “Remington” below – get that cereal bowl out, sit down for some cartoons & stellar music – enjoy!

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