SBS Podcast 101

Eight incredible artists/bands, ten kickass tunes, all on one show!  The value is always incredible on the SBS Podcast ain’t it?  Come get some new independent music in ya!  We’ll be spinning tunes from Ed Hale, DJ Serafin, Baum Jr., Ex-Okay, and takin’ in a double-shot from The Silver Bayonets on today’s episode.  We’ll also […]Read More

Kridix – “Remington”

Whether it’s late-night still for ya, early morning to start your day, or really any other time as well – you’ll find there’s always room for some Kridix tunes.  Stoked on this artist & the old-school animated brilliance put together for the video “Remington” – and what a spectacularly chilled-out vibe this single has to […]Read More

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