Kootenay & Co. – “Far & Long Gone”

 Kootenay & Co. – “Far & Long Gone”

Home grown talent y’all – check this out.

Especially you fans of Country that write on into us tellin’ me that we find great stuff out there in the independent scene but don’t bring you enough of it!  Forgive me y’all – you know I was born Grunge.

That being said, I’ll be doin’ my level best to fix that a lil’ bit on the upcoming episode of the SBS Podcast – I’ll make sure we make some time for at least a couple of Countrified tunes for ya, this new single “Far & Long Gone” by Kootenay & Co. included, along with a whole bunch more of my thoughts on what you can expect to find in what’s quite the surprisingly versatile music project being started up in this band.  Be sure to tune in…according to my notes & schedule here, we’ll have that comin’ out in the next couple days or so, and I’m stoked to talk to ya about what’s gonna bring Kootenay & Co. success here in 2021.

For now, I reckon we’ll give ya a sample of what this crew is all about, and leave this new single right here on our pages for you to enjoy it whenever you like without the accompaniment of all my rambling.

To my ears, what’s gonna set Kootenay & Co. apart from so many others out there in the Country music scene is, and without question, the authenticity you’ll find in a song like “Far & Long Gone.”  While the world has been caught up for years in the flashy razzle dazzle of Modern Country – aka Pop music – you could point to a song such as “Far & Long Gone” as a bold reminder of what the genre is really all about.  And that’s just the thing folks – the roots of this entire style of music have been largely tainted as of late, and it’s harder to find the genuine article when it comes to those out there that truly connect with the original design of the Country sound…but Kootenay & Co. – this crew definitely gets it.  “Far & Long Gone” is pretty much the indisputable definition of real Country music – and there’s a genuine reason for that – it IS real.  All of the songs you’ll find coming out from this band dive deep into Jordan Kootenay’s story – he’s the central songwriter behind this whole project based out of Edmonton, Alberta, and these songs you’ll hear him posting are all based around his own highly personal real-life experiences.  To say that Jordan’s tale is perfectly suited for a Country song would be to put it mildly – in fact, it’s gonna take several songs to cover the many harrowing details – but on the bright side of that scenario, he’s got the plans to do exactly that with a whole series of releases due to come out this year.

You’ll hear from the quality of this single that Kootenay & Co. are more than ready, capable, and willing to fill the gap that currently exists in the independent Country scene with that authenticity it has been truly calling out for.  With a ton of all-star musicians in the mix, Jordan takes on the guitar duties himself, and he’s enlisted a stellar team of studio aces to make the magic happen along with him.  From the good ol’ pedal steel, to the fiddle & banjo – Kootenay & Co. supply you with instrumentation that hits the mark spot-on, every bit as professional as it is entertaining, thought-provoking, humble & heartbreaking.  Lyrically, I’ll just say it plain as day for y’all so it’s crystal clear – it’s downright devastating – if “Far & Long Gone” is somehow the happiest song you’ve heard so far in January it’s gonna be a ROUGH 2021 for ya…you’ll hear in these words, the story of a man that has barely survived himself and the life he’s led – but it’s the fact that he’s here to tell the tale today that clues you into how he’s come out stronger on the other side.  That’s the effect of quality songwriting though folks – you feel it, for better or for worse – and it certainly doesn’t mean things have to sound bad in the process, like Kootenay & Co. will prove to ya here in this tried & true Country song that brings the best of the original roots straight up to the surface, shining through a committed sincere performance that any set of ears can hear.  I’ll be filling you in on PLENTY more details about what’s up in Kootenay & Co. this weekend on the new episode of the SBS Podcast coming out, and of course playing this here single.  Make sure to tune in!  I’ll tell you all about the OTHER side of this band’s sound that I haven’t even mentioned yet, in addition to a whole lot more information you’re gonna wanna know about our Canadian Country brethren right here.

For now, make sure to find out more about Kootenay & Co. by clicking on the official links below!

Official Website:  https://jordankootenay.com

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/kootenayco_

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/kootenayco_

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