Kootenay & Co. – “Coffee & Misery” Feat. Craig Carswell

Kootenay & Co. – “Coffee & Misery” Feat. Craig Carswell – Single Review Well now…this right here is exciting. Don’t get me wrong…I’ve always appreciated the music of Kootenay & Co. ever since I first started to check it all out and I’ve always had respect for the many pieces that have combined & collaborated […]Read More

Kootenay & Co. – “Corroded Sins”

Kootenay & Co. – “Corroded Sins” – Single Review You know, when I first saw the title, I was convinced this cut would be on the Metal side of Kootenay & Co.’s sound right away.  Then I sat back and thought about it for a while…and really, I suppose it COULD have been one of […]Read More

Jordan Kootenay

Jordan Kootenay Interview SBS:  Alrighty dude…thanks for comin’ on back for another round of Q&A – let’s talk some tunes Jordan.  I suppose the logical place to start this time around, is to point out the fact that last time we talked, your brand-new record Damaged Goods was still coming just around the corner, and […]Read More

Kootenay & Co. – Damaged Goods – Collaborative EP

Kootenay & Co. – Damaged Goods – Collaborative EP – EP Review Exciting times, exciting times. If you’ve been reading about the music of Kootenay & Co. here on our pages through our posting on the single “Far & Long Gone,” or read our interview with this project’s main centerpiece Jordan Kootenay from earlier this […]Read More

SBS Podcast 120

No matter what corner of the scene you look into right now, there is a ton goin’ on this year – come celebrate that fact with us on the new episode of the SBS Podcast today!  We’ll be featuring deep dives into the music of Author Toy, Kootenay & Co., Raw Soul, Happy Curmudgeons, Forsaken […]Read More

Jordan Kootenay

Jordan Kootenay Interview SBS:  Alright!  Jordan Kootenay – homegrown talent from right here in Canada, up on our pages – welcome my brethren!  Hopefully that name of yours is still fresh in the people’s minds & the music in their ears from back in January when we first checked out your single “Far & Long […]Read More

SBS Podcast 113

We’ve got this whole episode stocked & loaded with new music, new info, and a couple of classic tracks we can’t ever live without lining the set on the SBS Podcast today – come get a dose of the awesomeness you’ll find out there in our independent music-scene! We’ll be talking about new tunes & […]Read More

Kootenay & Co. – “Far & Long Gone”

Home grown talent y’all – check this out. Especially you fans of Country that write on into us tellin’ me that we find great stuff out there in the independent scene but don’t bring you enough of it!  Forgive me y’all – you know I was born Grunge. That being said, I’ll be doin’ my […]Read More