Kalel – “Ready To Die”

 Kalel – “Ready To Die”

I was just lone wolfin’ – I take pride in that.”  #Heard

Takin’ you deep into the dank corners of his own insightful thoughts, give Kalel serious credit for having the courage to not hold anything back when it comes to keepin’ it real yo.  Love this dude’s gritty tone of voice and the way he spits – Kalel’s demeanor, words, and attitude bring strong levity to this entire cut in powerfully grounded ways…you might be surprised by just how much you relate to “Ready To Die.”

Expertly produced by LCS and Jurrivh, Kalel’s latest cut continues a series of savage singles the man has put out over this past year or so.  Following hot on releases that established his name in the game, like “Vagabond Part II,” “Eavesdropping,” “Focused,” and his most recent track “Sauce It Up” – it’s plenty clear he’s been making moves that make an impact this year, and he’s perfectly set the stage for the future of his success to follow.  This much I can tell ya 100% – if he keeps up the quality and commitment you hear in the gripping performance he puts into “Ready To Die” – this homie is goin’ nowhere but UP.

Battlin’ the pain, confusion, and plethora of obstacles that have been in his way all along – Kalel ain’t afraid of it all, nah – he uses all this to his advantage as fuel for his inspiration to keep driving to the top.  When you’re “Ready To Die,” and you’ve got nothing left to lose…the pressure’s off…you reach this odd next-level where no fucks are needed or given, and you’ll find some of the best results come boomin’ outta your speakers when you’re making music.  Take a page outta Kalel’s book and follow this blueprint he’s layin’ out here…”Ready To Die” is a genuinely deep cut with a whole lot of style and highly addictive sound for sure yes, but it’s also equally thought-provoking as it is authentically entertaining as well.

We spend a ton of time on these pages talking about what does/doesn’t suit a song…well y’all – have a listen to what it sounds like when everything is tight from the lefts to the rights, and the material itself at its core is undeniably engaging from start to finish – that’s where Kalel is at with “Ready To Die” and how ultimately flawless the results of his efforts are here on his latest single.  The bottom line is, he’s got a true statement cut in his catalog that speaks strong on his behalf here – “Ready To Die” reveals the fact that this dude doesn’t just talk about it, he IS about it – and it’s because of that dedication he’s bringing to the m-i-c that you feel every word he’s spittin’ in the heavy faded vibes of this new single, the conviction in his lyricism, and the sense that there is absolutely no quit in Kalel when it matters most.  Just because he’s “Ready To Die” doesn’t mean he’s plannin’ on it anytime soon yo – the man’s still got plenty of music to make & he’s set to dominate 2021 comin’ up – check out his latest below!

Find out more about Kalel from the official pages below!

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/kalel.msc

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/kalelmsc

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf9Fx3EMzP33j-QTvgfqBJA

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