Kalel – “Mala Suerte”

Kalel – “Mala Suerte” – Audio Post Hopefully someone out there’s been paying attention to what I’ve been tellin’ ya, because if you’ve been missing out on the evolution in Kalel’s music, you are seriously missing out altogether.  It’s what – February 5th?  And he’s just dropped one of the best cuts you’re gonna hear […]Read More

Kalel – “The 27 Club”

“I’ve just been rapping, but who gon’ listen?” Hot damn!  Kalel has really brought something special outta his bag for this one y’all. It was only about five months back that we featured this dude’s single/video for his cut “Ready To Die,” and we’ve been ridin’ with Kalel since even further, back in 2019 with […]Read More

Kalel – “Ready To Die”

“I was just lone wolfin’ – I take pride in that.”  #Heard Takin’ you deep into the dank corners of his own insightful thoughts, give Kalel serious credit for having the courage to not hold anything back when it comes to keepin’ it real yo.  Love this dude’s gritty tone of voice and the way […]Read More

Kalel – “Wave”

This emcee is bringing a ton to the game. From the beat to the rhymes, rapper Kalel has got himself a slow-burning single-worthy cut with his latest, called “Wave.”  With incredibly thought-provoking rhymes that dive deep into his personal experiences and emotions, Kalel connects poetically in a very real way…like music in 3D, you can […]Read More