Jumex Supreme – “Reality”

 Jumex Supreme – “Reality”

It’s all fucked, but it’s reality.

This is SO REAL!  No joke homies – Jumex Supreme is flexing so much style on a lyrical, musical, AND visual level that it’s straight-up madness and all-out captivating entertainment on every front!  Locked into the flow of the cypher on his own in the forest, armed with a selfie-stick and a sick vocabulary, he twists the angles on the video while he bends words to his will with intensity & true grit, spittin’ rhymes & truths alongside the crisp snare & jazzy sound that create the beat on his latest single “Reality” – this is 100% as real as it gets.  Seriously dig the vibe and the way this video is shot – and Jumex Supreme hits these bars with all-that & more…like, LISTEN to this emcee’s gripping tone and lyrical intensity…dude is clearly a force on the mic.  This whole combination works incredibly well – as far as singles/videos go, there’s no doubt this is one of our favorites so far in 2018 and a dose of real hip-hop that makes a verifiable impact and lasting impression – check out “Reality” for yourself below!

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