Jumex Supreme – “Reality”

“It’s all fucked, but it’s reality.” This is SO REAL!  No joke homies – Jumex Supreme is flexing so much style on a lyrical, musical, AND visual level that it’s straight-up madness and all-out captivating entertainment on every front!  Locked into the flow of the cypher on his own in the forest, armed with a […]Read More

Digital Escort – “Reality”

Digital Escort – “Reality” – Single Review The minstrels of electro-mayhem are back with another brand-new single!  Man…Digital Escort has got to be one of the hardest working bands out there in ANY scene right now…I love how this band consistently makes music on the constant and is always pushing themselves to do something new […]Read More

Spoken Life – Reality

Spoken Life – Reality – EP Review Solid progression, heavy atmospheres and emotions outline the new EP from Spoken Life, a one-man project from Anthony Irvin based out of Brookhaven, PA.  You’ll find yourselves surprised at the direction that the music takes…it starts out with a bright, electro-infused, gentle-melody that’s close to an Owl City […]Read More