Jordan Carroll – “The Wind Will Blow Us Home”

 Jordan Carroll – “The Wind Will Blow Us Home”

Jordan Carroll – “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” – Music Video Release/Review

We won’t waste our time on all those wishes for what could be, cause all that we have, is all we’ll ever need.”  The man writes a great tune…we know this to be true here at our pages when it comes to the music of Jordan Carroll – and in fact, we’ve reviewed this single in advance back in October before it was released about a week ago in November – before it had a shiny new video to support it.  Now it does!

If you read the write-up that comes along with the official posting at YouTube, you’ll learn about the travels that Carroll has been on with his music & where they’ve taken him.  I’m like, 99% sure from the endless strings of cactus & countryside that we’re seeing onscreen in the video, in addition to the tag placed on it, that the scenes have been shot in his own hometown & hills of Phoenix, Arizona.  When you read Jordan’s story on the page…when you listen to the words of this song…and you see the setting that he’s put himself in here – everything adds up together; he’s right at home with who he is & where he is.  It’s a fact that not only makes him look comfortable onscreen in the video, but surely makes sense to our ears with the inviting & sincere way that he sings this endearing melody & song so beautifully.  Dude’s already played about half the globe or more and he’s still only in his mid-twenties if my math is correct…and according to his own story, it’s more or less the winds of the road that blew him home too.  He spent his time out there touring & seeing the world; then that need to settle in for a bit and reset for the next chapter brought him back to the place he grew up…much like I’m sure many of you can relate to out there in music-world, or even if you’re not – we all know what it feels like to know that comfort of home, which is what he’s really captured so well in the humble nature of this single/video he’s released.  Just so happens that visually, Jordan’s obviously living in one of the most beautiful places on earth – so when it comes to the spectacular scenery you’ll see onscreen, knowing that this all exists within his backyard certainly makes you understand why he’d feel like “all that we have is all we’ll ever need.”  If you’re living in a concrete jungle, you might have to use your imagination to understand this all a bit more & what you’re missing out on – but if you take a look at just how amazing these shots of the trails, hills, & mountains that Carroll’s perched on top of throughout this video, it’ll give you a clear picture.

What I love about what the video does for the song is that it really brings out that humble appreciation you hear lyrically in this tune and gives it a visual case for why he’s so content & at peace inside.  That thankfulness you hear in the song is shown to us onscreen as Jordan roams around, singing into the canyons below and genuinely appreciating the beauty, majesty & magnificence of all that’s around him.  It’s great in the sense that…the entire video just gives you this feeling that like…if you were hiking out there somewhere in Arizona, you too might just be lucky enough to spot the wild Jordan Carroll in his natural habitat, doing what he loves most…that you might just stumble upon him singing to the world or whoever might be listening way down in the valleys below.  He made the right move by giving the video clear & stunning visuals that reflect that peaceful innocence & serenity that come with his words & vocals – this was a really smart, simple, and complementary vibe that truly suits the nature of the song.  The sentiment of “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” is entirely gorgeous, the music & vocals came out perfectly, and now it’s got a beautiful video to go with it that really captures the heart of what this song’s all about at its core, while also revealing that sincerity in Jordan that consistently connects.  Like the smart choices he makes in his songwriting, he knows exactly what to include to make the entire experience highly memorable, and he does an equally fantastic job of that onscreen in his new video.

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