Jordan Carroll – “The Wind Will Blow Us Home”

 Jordan Carroll – “The Wind Will Blow Us Home”

Jordan Carroll – “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” – Single Review

As some of you out there already know…I either have a memory like an elephant or a goldfish when it comes to music and there’s rarely anything in between these two parameters.  Essentially, I either remember you for life, or I forget quickly…I might get lucky and recall a song or two years down the later and have one of those sincere ‘ohhhhhhh yeah, THAT song’ moments…but for the most part, if you made an impact, it’s cause you put your heart & soul into your music – and I’ll remember ya.

Just like Jordan Carroll.

It was back in 2015 actually, when I first reviewed his music and the single “You Know That I Know” – a song that I can still remember the hooks of even without hearing it playing after all this time.  I also remember that same day, I ended up reviewing another Jordan…Jordan Paul…two massively different tunes, but both of these artists somehow came my way at the same time and they’ve never left my thoughts ever since.  Perhaps even more ironically, this new song from Jordan Carroll is almost like a combination of the two songs from both Jordans last time around…which is certainly cool with me.  This time around with “The Wind Will Blow Us Home,” Carroll is reaching boldly into the beautiful on this melodic & atmospheric tune.  With the exceptional songwriting & hook-smart approach that Carroll has always had still intact & evolved, he’s definitely tapped into a magical moment in this new single of his.

What I don’t know anything about…is what keeps this artist away from making music.  There’s a couple ways of looking at it all I suppose.  In the world according to Soundcloud, this is the next tune out from Jordan since “You Know That I Know” came out way-back-when…which pushes back just over three-years at this point.  So on the one hand…given that both tunes are equally stunning and for completely different reasons – OBVIOUSLY I want a whole lot MORE from Carroll when it comes to how much music is getting out there…BUT…at the same time, if this is what it takes to get to the quality in his writing, performance, production and you-name-it – then…well…I mean…it certainly sounds like time well spent.  You’ve got the world by the gonads Jordan…every time you put out a tune, it’s worth listening to; with great power comes great responsibility, as they say…so don’t be musically blue-ballin’ us all too long eh?

All I’m saying is that I don’t even have a concept of what it’s like to have half of the talent that Jordan Carroll has…and every time I hear a tune from the guy, it’s pretty damn clear to me that making music is where the guy truly belongs.  “You Know That I Know” was an outstanding tune in every way – but that being said, probably just on the fringe of what I’d normally listen to in my own day-to-day genre-wise; what made that whole track great was the writing and performance, which were easily strong enough to pull in people like myself quickly onto Jordan’s side – because the passion was clearly there.  This time around on “The Wind Will Blow Us Home,” I feel like he’s written this song for me and anyone else that values melody in music above all things; this ain’t even remotely as flashy as his last single was and I’d be willing to argue that it’s 100% more captivating than his last time out.  Jordan set a high bar for himself with the flawless performance on “You Know That I Know” – and I think he’s honestly found a way to outdo every possible expectation you might have had for his music with this new single of his.  This…THIS…is a completely gorgeous tune…& he should seriously be proud of raising the bar once again.

Alright.  So let’s break this down…cause there’s lots to love about this song.  I don’t want to take a thing away from the music, so I’ll mention that first…it’s extremely well done & played to perfection.  Gentle when it needs to be, rising to an uplifting, empowering & sweet place as it continues; what Carroll has created on “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” is beautifully inviting and comforting to listen to, straight-up.  And of course, without the tender melody of the music to inspire him…we might not have ever gotten this performance from Jordan on the microphone…so make no mistake, the music plays a MASSIVE role, no matter how subtle & mild it comes across.  With the smart placement of strings, tenderized guitars, and the rhythm section so immaculately on-point in this tune, “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” delivers on all-fronts when it comes to the instrumentation and sound of this single…and I don’t mind tellin’ ya – it’ll probably be the last thing you actually notice.

What makes this single awesome – is the fact that that’s okay.  Jordan puts in such a remarkable and noteworthy performance on the microphone & into the vocals of this tune that you can’t take your ears off the guy, nor would you want to.  With a like…almost early Coldplay like earnestness in the songwriting and like, the best parts of what I love about Brendon Urie’s voice without any of the BS that comes with it…somehow, Carroll has really stumbled onto his own timeless sound on this single.  Well…three years in between singles…probably not so much stumbled as it has been carefully mapped out…and in that sense, you almost have to give the man even more credit for how organic and naturally beautiful this song sounds.  I felt like as spot-on as the music of this tune really IS – the majority of this tune, pass or fail, rested squarely on Jordan’s shoulders to deliver the bulk of the melody on the mic – and words can’t express just how inspiring it is to hear an artist rise so confidently to the occasion.  Don’t let that slight tremble or tremolo of his voice fool you…that’s not nervousness, that’s style, texture, and a signature sound at work…quite honestly, it’s the perfect approach & fit for this song.

The widespread appeal of “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” is arguably even greater on Jordan’s new single than the last one – which is again, saying quite a lot.  Lyrically, he’s on more than solid ground here – excellent imagery in his words, but even more-so, AMAZING sincerity & melody in his voice!  Overall, there’s a real classic sound that echoes through the spirit of this song that’ll reach people of all ages…an endearing & low-key indie-style that sparkles & shines sweetly…a tune that heads straight for the heart without hesitation and nestles itself right in ya to call that heart a home.  Fantastic emotion, tone, technique, and sound from Jordan’s vocals on “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” – even with as much going RIGHT in everything surrounding him, he steals the show with a seriously stunning performance.

Ain’t nothin’ to complain about here…I’ve only got words of praise for what Jordan Carroll comes up with.  Even if it takes another three years before we get another tune – I’ll imagine I’ll feel the same way at that time too…this guy understands music & melody on an incredible level and he proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt on his return with “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” – this song is a true gem of 2018.

Looks like it’s still a ways to go before it officially comes out…it’s being released on November 18th – which means that the wait for new Jordan Carroll is nearly over!  It’s well worth circling that date on your calendars to remember – so do that!  Learn more at his official website at:

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