Jai Musiq – “Patience”

 Jai Musiq – “Patience”

Jai Musiq – “Patience” – Single Review

Been a while!  Always great to see & hear an artist is still out there doin’ their thang – it’s been about a year and a half or so since we’ve had Jai Musiq on our pages, back when we reviewed his record Dolan Drive Dreams back in 2016 when the world was still a simple & peaceful place…y’all remember that?  We heard the potential back then and felt plenty confident Jai would be back again – and here we are.

With a seriously smooth tune called “Patience” – Jai has made the wait worthwhile.  Not only has he come back with a song that’s chilled-out & inviting to listen to, but it’s focused & tightly written around a concept that we can all relate to on some level.  Essentially, “Patience” is about making that jump from being single to being committed – but for the very first time.  You remember the fear, the excitement, the trepidation, the emotions and the energy that come along with that pivotal moment in life…and if you don’t know or haven’t experienced that yet, well, that’s even better when it comes to listening to this new single – “Patience” ultimately gives you a blueprint for how to navigate through such a time.

You can tell you’re in for an intimate, up-close & personal track from the subtle way that Jai takes you into the vibe of “Patience,” with a layer of backing-vocals that talks out his thoughts direct – an essential part of this song.  There are several layers of vocals that contribute to the song along the way, strengthening the atmosphere in really impressive ways that allow the music to stay truly minimalist while still offering a lot to the ears through the insightful way Jai’s voice is mixed into his surroundings throughout “Patience.”  Lyrically, he gets completely real with YOU – but perhaps most importantly, he’s being real with himself, which is what makes this track connect and what drives its sincere intentions, message, and sound.


Because whether you’ve been there before or you plan on going again – that whole love-trip can be one of the most amazing feelings we’ll ever know…especially when it’s that first time and you’ve laid your eyes upon that person you know has just changed your life in ways it’ll never be the same thereafter.  Jai does a great job in detailing the emotions and excitement that come along with moment in time – you can hear from the sound of his voice that he’s mind-blown as a result of discovering the intensity of love.  He’s not resisting it, he’s not pushing it away – but he certainly recognizes that difference it makes in going from being all about one’s self to wanting to all of a sudden put the needs/wants of another in front of those…that’s an entire life adjustment…it requires some “Patience” from all parties concerned and a lil’ bit of time to wrap your head around what the heart seems so entirely sure of!  It’s ALWAYS worth it for the one that IS worth it…it might take some time to find that person, but take it from an old grey-beard like me that once you do – you’ll know it, because you’ll sound full of wonder, excitement and anticipation like Jai does on “Patience” – all of a sudden life becomes a wide-open place to discover all over again…because the right person can really make the entire experience of living seem completely brand-new in all the best of ways.  And with a Frank Ocean-like smoothness, Jai lays his feelings right on the line, expressing himself in an open and vulnerable way that’ll sincerely connect with a lot of people, especially those that remember what this moment in time was really like for themselves personally and those out there looking forward to when this day arrives.

He sings it really well, he’s got it mixed solidly, the sound of the music is captivating & charming, his voice is loaded with character and tangible sentiment…it’s excellent to have Jai Musiq back with such a solid single, he’s done a fantastic job with “Patience” and I suspect many out there will really dig this.  A thought-provoking cut with an easygoing vibe…I’m always impressed with an artist when they get this personal and put this much of their genuine-self into their music and art like Jai Musiq has.  You can hear that audible strength in the connection to the emotion, energy and atmosphere of the song when it’s written that way…and as a result, we as listeners connect right along with it, because we believe in the moment that Jai’s created.  Essentially, it’s so real to him that it becomes that real to us as well by proxy.

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