Inzane Music 2020 – “Feelings” Featuring Francis

“I love this feeling!” You know something homies?  So do I!  New singles/videos from Inzane Music 2020 are always a pure joy to check out & listen to. Smooth as smooth can be, Inzane Music 2020 has been crushin’ it this year with spectacular tunes – and we’ve got another one fresh off the press […]Read More

Inzane Music 2020 – “LEFT BEHIND” Featuring Francis & TXMIC

“Can’t let the loss be all for nothing.”  #truth Memorable hooks & meaningful messages?  Sign us up homies – you know we’re into that. Inzane Music 2020 has put together an absolutely stellar single/video combination here in collaboration with artists Francis & TXMIC – “LEFT BEHIND” is the kind of cut that hits home with […]Read More