SBS Podcast 078

 SBS Podcast 078

Stoked to be back on the internet airwaves to get the final quarter of the year goin’ loud & proud on all the right notes! We’ve got a brand-new episode loaded with info & music for ya that you’ll want to tune-in and turn-up for. Solid singles from LoFi Chill, Loaneski, The True CW, Martin Del Carpio, Aminita Satori, and Cirex in the mix for ya – and we’ll be digging right into the latest by I’m Smoking Legal, Nyquism, Gymmie The Dreamer, and Shrink as well. Wall-to-wall entertainment from the lefts to the rights for ya – don’t miss out!

Your official show lineup includes:

Nyquism – “Jaded”

LoFi Chill – “Something Out There”

Aminita Satori – “Karma Tonight”

Cirex – “Godspeed”

Martin Del Carpio – “Dolphox”

Shrink – “Feel Me”

The True CW – “A Night Out”

Gymmie The Dreamer – “Animated”

Loaneski – “Dialect Architect”

I’m Smoking Legal – “Lifted”

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