Hannyta – “Make It To The Night”

 Hannyta – “Make It To The Night”

Hannyta – “Make It To The Night” – Single Review

Hannyta!  M’lady, you’re definitely on the right path.

If you read my previous review on her debut single “Wildflower” from back at the end of December last year, you know I had plenty of great things to say about this stellar artist making her way into the spotlight.  She made a memorable impression and impact with the unique story & inspirations behind that first tune…I know it’s technically only been a couple of weeks & all, but for what it’s worth, I certainly haven’t forgotten her – and I’d imagine that’ll be the case for some time to come.  We’ll be seeing Hannyta’s songs pop up all over the place in the future to follow; she’ll be plenty fresh in our minds, and equally through our speakers.  I can’t guarantee it…but I can guarantee it – you get me.

Returning officially on January 21st with her brand-new single “Make It To The Night,” Hannyta allows us to get a glimpse of another dimension of her style & sound, slowing it down for a more soulful & evocative performance on her latest song.  Relatable too – right my friend?  I commented a lot on the uniqueness in the writing of “Wildflower,” but was also quick to point out that thematically, it could potentially narrow the audience a little, despite all the amazing hooks that song has & her beautiful voice.  “Make It To The Night” expands the scope this time around, adding in a melancholy but relatable theme of heartbreak, loss & longing, in a tale of love trying to find its way outta the struggle – and with the tiniest twist of optimism & hope, Hannyta will also reveal one of her strongest moments to-date in this new single.  It’s right there…clear as day…you’ll hear it – it’s right when she sings “I’ll be holding on with both hands, yes I swear” – she’s got a lot of great moments in this track, but every time she hits that specific line, she finds that next-level, and you feel that conviction & strength in her tender vocals come alive in that perfect way that has you believing in every word.  All around though, this being only my second experience with Hannyta’s music – and presumably, most of us for that matter given that it’s her second single & all…I think the people out there will be more than stoked about the potential they hear in her.  Let’s be real – she’s got hooks that hit you within less than five seconds on “Make It To The Night,” and she’ll reveal a whole bunch more from there, believe that – just like she had showed us on “Wildflower,” Hannyta’s got an insightful grip on what makes music connect & she knows how to use it.  So in listening, that means you get that lift from moment to moment, part to part, and you can hear how she uses the dynamics of the music and melody to her advantage when shaping her vocals around it all.

The results end up speaking for themselves – “Wildflower” was great to listen to, and I’d argue that “Make It To The Night” is a significantly strong follow-up single, even with its more delicate songwriting.  What would I advise, what would I change?  Not a whole lot really.  I have a few moments where I debated the mix here & there at the peak intensity of the music & whether or not it was coming through a bit hot, or if that was just the way the synth was sounding…I still think it could be a little of column A & a little of column B there.  So…that might be something to watch out for, but not anything of too major a concern this time around or this early on in her career.  All that stuff is adjusting dials here & there, if any of it is even needed at all – sometimes it’s a stylistic choice that can throw us off a bit when we’re listening to music, and only time really tells the full story on where an artist is heading with their own sound.  The low-key moments, like you find at the very beginning and in the mellowest spots of “Make It To The Night,” possess a spectacular clarity that gets the best out of Hannyta’s vocals in terms of melody & tone.  Interesting to listen to as well…I tend to sit here & wonder about where all these artists & bands that come our way end up one day…where their potential could take them & whatnot.  I felt like after listening to “Make It To The Night,” Hannyta’s future could be Pop, Soul, Country, R&B – you get the point – not only is it a versatile, hybrid single to begin with, but it shows us just how many different avenues she could take her music in over the years to follow.  Talk about possibilities!  It’s nice to have options, and Hannyta’s got the spark of something really special set to blaze up…and it ain’t gonna take her long at all if songs like “Wildflower” and “Make It To The Night” are an indication of what’s to come.  As it stands now, she’s already creating moments in music that sincerely connect, and she deserves a ton of credit for that – the music has been great, don’t get me wrong – but it’s her voice that’s been convincing me of just how far she could go from the moment I heard her the first time.  Even her voice is going to get stronger over time…more confident, more experienced & all that…she’s gonna be a serious force to be reckoned with in the future ahead, mark my words.  She’s got another solid single here for sure.  Keep that focus up Hannyta!  Make sure each and every moment, from the most mellow to the most involved & intricate, still has the right power & energy required for us to be able to feel’em as we listen, and you’ll continue to keep on crushin’ this music-scene with the natural talent you’ve got m’lady.

Find out more about Hannyta at her official website at:  https://hannyta.com

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