SBS Podcast 151

Come check out a lineup from the early side of sound & a set-list stocked full of the future superstars of tomorrow!  We’ll be spinning songs by Taylor Hall, Life In A Tree, Hannyta, Taylor Roche, 432 Music Way, CASSANDRA, Amanda Barise, JOHO, Annie DiRusso, and our special guest, Antonio de la Torre, who we’ve […]Read More

SBS Podcast 144

We hit up the show early at the start of the year in January, and we’re back to do it again here this month with another episode stockpiled with independent awesomeness straight outta the gate in February as well.  Join us as we dive further into the music of ATLS PLAZA N.D., and take you […]Read More

Hannyta – “Make It To The Night”

Hannyta – “Make It To The Night” – Single Review Hannyta!  M’lady, you’re definitely on the right path. If you read my previous review on her debut single “Wildflower” from back at the end of December last year, you know I had plenty of great things to say about this stellar artist making her way […]Read More

Hannyta – “Wildflower”

Hannyta – “Wildflower” – Single Review I tell ya.  If I could just go ONE day without having to hear ANOTHER song inspired by Nicolas Cage, that would be mighty nice and much apprecia… …wait a second.  Actually…that’s a new one for me. Like I always say around these pages of ours, we all gotta […]Read More