Gianluca Zanna – “Storm” (Remix)

 Gianluca Zanna – “Storm” (Remix)

Gianluca Zanna – “Storm” (Remix) – Music Video Post

Songwriter, music producer, and the official CEO of Zanna Records – it is crystal clear that not only is Gianluca Zanna an extremely busy dude, but also that he’s been having the time of his life doing what he loves most, thriving in the art of making music.  How do we know all this?  Well, for starters, you can read all about his adventures from his main websites at or – but secondly, it’s pretty easy to hear the passion & enthusiasm inside of a track that is bursting at the seams with all that good stuff, like you’ll hear on his remix of “Storm.”  Full of amped-up & electrified energy that is guaranteed to get the people listening, excited, and completely engaged with Gianluca’s music – “Storm” is without a doubt, one seriously wild rollercoaster thrill-ride of an experience that no one will forget any time soon.  From the sensational vocals & addictive hooks, to the stunningly professional production of Zanna, and the mix of Brian Reeves – all hands on deck have put together one killer cut to fuel the fire on your playlists this summer & given you every possible reason to turn this single right UP!

No doubt about it – Gianluca’s got nothing but genuinely single-worthy sound pumpin’ outta your speakers from the lefts to the rights, and a visually cutting-edge video to support “Storm” onscreen as well.  All the right pieces are in place for the man to take over the charts in 2022 – from the expert arrangement of Simone Sello, to the craft of the original writing from Zanna, to the all-star production you’ll hear in the finished product – “Storm” is guaranteed to be a major hit with everyone out there listening and watching this combination of explosive entertainment, 100%.

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