Fratelli – “Go Back”

 Fratelli – “Go Back”

Fratelli – “Go Back” – Single Review

Yaaaaaa – Fratelli’s on solid ground with this new single here for sure.

While it’s technically the debut from this duo of brothers – they’ve been making their own music as VOFF and Ma5cot as well, so believe me when I tell ya, it’s not any kind of typical first cut that you’re in-store for – “Go Back” sounds like it was made by career professionals, and that’s ultimately because it has been.  Sure it’s true that even as individuals, both VOFF and Ma5cot are still very much towards the early side of their adventures in music, there’s no doubt that you can hear they were born to entertain.

From the performance to the production, they keep “Go Back” locked down tight from start to finish – you’ll dig the vocals you’ll hear just as much as the music itself, revealing a balance of strengths in Fratelli that’s certain to gets its deserved share of attention from the people out there listening.  They rock with a hybrid EDM/Pop style, bring poetic & thought-provoking lyricism to their neon-vibe, and deliver the kind of contrast & versatility that leads directly to interesting & engaging sound that truly holds up over time, and lasts.  “Go Back” isn’t the kind of track that’s gonna burn out fast – it’s the kind of cut that continually becomes more addictive the longer you play it.  Through the evocative melody and sentiment, to the bold vocals that soar into the mix with burning passion & intensity to complement the radiant EDM sound at its most energetic, or dial back to a more mellow vibe when it’s called for – Fratelli makes the right moves on “Go Back” and make sure to include what this song really needs, very careful to not overstuff it with anything that it doesn’t need, or waste a solitary second of its length at any point.  Everything serves a purpose here – that’s what I’m tellin’ ya…Fratelli’s coming out strong.

I’m a big fan of artists who design their music with this particular approach – I think it’s highly effective.  You’ll notice that, essentially what Fratelli has done here, is technically give the vocals their deserved moment in the spotlight through a verse/chorus combo, yes – but more or less, they reveal an entirely different set of hooks after the vocals exit, giving you like, an entire second chorus of sorts, only this time, built solely out of the music itself.  Now…don’t get me wrong…I wouldn’t want every one of you out there to go about trying this – because believe me, it’s not always going to work, and it’s not always going to be as impactful as what you hear on “Go Back” for most artists/bands out there – but it’s crystal clear that Fratelli knows exactly how to use the dynamics of sound to their advantage.  So when the vocals do their thing – and do it extremely well, mind you – the music then gets to take over and have what’s basically an equal billing in terms of what we hear & what’s crucial to the success of this debut.

Because if you’re trying to tell me that the hooks of the music aren’t just as strong, or perhaps even just slightly stronger than the hooks you hear in the vocals…I’ll tell ya wholeheartedly, you’re 100% insane.  That’s the real magic of what makes “Go Back” work as well as it does – the impeccable balance you’ll find in what these two brothers bring to Fratelli – and if they keep this strategy up, stay focused, and continue to deliver on the quality you hear in this single from the writing to the execution, they’re gonna have no problem at all rising right up to the top spots on playlists and charts all over the place out there.  They’ve got stellar vocals, outstanding production, excellent ideas, and what’s obviously a wealth of talent shared between them, united as one within Fratelli – above all things, hearing how on the same page and focused these two are, creates a hook in itself.  They know how to execute like genuine professionals from the music to the microphone, and I’m stoked to hear where Fratelli goes from here.

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