Forsaken Garden – “Space In You” / “Backward March”

Forsaken Garden – “Space In You” / “Backward March” – Singles Review OKAY.  Let’s get one thing mighty clear here…just because I type these word-things out all day long does NOT mean I have any clue as to how it all actually happens.  As in, “I’m not a smart man, Jenny” – I’m pretty much […]Read More

SBS Podcast 120

No matter what corner of the scene you look into right now, there is a ton goin’ on this year – come celebrate that fact with us on the new episode of the SBS Podcast today!  We’ll be featuring deep dives into the music of Author Toy, Kootenay & Co., Raw Soul, Happy Curmudgeons, Forsaken […]Read More

Forsaken Garden

Official Press Release The Visionary New Video For “Scrambled In Your Wake” By Forsaken Garden Is Online & Available Everywhere Now! With a powerfully gripping combination of Dark Wave-meets-Post Industrial synthetic-based sound that explores the depths of art, music, philosophy and poetry as one – Forsaken Garden creates sensationally thought-provoking songs for the third-eye aware.  […]Read More