Evin Gibson – “W.Y.W (What You Want/Right Here)”

 Evin Gibson – “W.Y.W (What You Want/Right Here)”

Awesome to have this guy back in action & doin’ his thang.

It’s amazing what a restart & a refresh can accomplish – and there are many times in an artist’s career where that break becomes necessary…it can completely lead to new perspectives, different approaches, unique opportunities, and of course, the ability to make another impact through the ol’ comeback if you’re doin’ it right like Evin Gibson is doin’ right here on “W.Y.W (What You Want/Right Here).”  Dude sounded stellar back in the day when we last had him on our pages in 2014 for the release of his singles “Instant Fire” & “Alarm” – and here in 2021, nearly seven years later, it’s like he hasn’t lost a step at all.  In fact, there’s a healthy argument to be made that Gibson isn’t just back, but that he sound better than ever on his latest cut…the man’s got tons of natural talent and endearing charm in his passionate vocals, and he’s got no problem putting his full skillset back to work on “W.Y.W (What You Want/Right Here).”

Whether it was his time spent away, or the new partnership he’s got set up with SANS Entertainment inspiring him to a completely different level, or something else entirely – what’s certain is that Evin has come back at 100%, ready to deliver – and there’s no doubt that’s exactly what he does on “W.Y.W (What You Want/Right Here).”  Sparkling hooks, genuine charisma, and vibrantly enticing sound on display – Gibson shines through the verses with his melodic flow, and ups the ante even further with the supremely inviting & welcoming vibes he’s packed into every moment of the smoothness in the chorus.  According to the notes I’ve got lying around scattered here on my desk, “W.Y.W (What You Want/Right Here)” is the first official offering that’s come out as a result of the collaboration between Evin Gibson & his new label-mates at SANS Entertainment…and everything you’ll hear confirms this strong relationship now established between them should have no problem at all carrying forward far on into their futures.

Lettin’ his personality come out onscreen via an entire range of personas for the video supporting “W.Y.W (What You Want/Right Here)” – Evin & SANS have made another smart move by creating an opportunity for all us watching & listening to the man to get to know him in an all-new way as he breaks major ground for this next chapter of his career.  You know what we always say around here…the more YOU there is in your music & your videos, the more we get out of it all as fans, listeners, & viewers – but the more you’ll find you get out of it as an artist or band as well.  You can visually see the effect this experience has had on Gibson through the continuously radiant smile on his face throughout his new video – he’s not only back & sounding fantastic, but he’s clearly in the mood to have some serious fun with his music as well this time around too.  Highly memorable hooks at work in the chorus of this cut and a spectacular vibe all around – we’ll be spinning “W.Y.W (What You Want/Right Here)” on the very next episode of the SBS Podcast coming out this weekend, where you’ll be able to tune-in to more of my thoughts on Evin Gibson as well.  Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that popping onto our pages soon – until then, make sure to give his latest video & single a click or two in the meantime, and make sure to hit up his official pages below to connect to the music Evin Gibson is coming out with this year.

Find out more about Evin Gibson at the official pages below!

Homepage:  https://evingibson.com

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/evingibson

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/evingibson

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/evingibsonmusic

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLyhjz1ukOprCnVP5s7dfvQ

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