Era’Nay – Elevate

 Era’Nay – Elevate

Era’Nay – Elevate – EP Review

Ay yo!  Royalty up on our pages here y’all – pay attention!

Some of you might already know her, some of you were just introduced to this artist through the latest episode of the SBS Podcast, and there’s perhaps still a few of you out there just learning her name right now – but know THIS – she’s the undisputed Princess of R&B Soul!  I mean…if I was gonna dispute it, or someone else was out there, I’m assuming we’d have done it by now…but the facts are, Era’Nay gives you every reason to be excited about both what she’s doing now, and the future ahead of her as well.

Drifting in on subtle synth sounds, Era’Nay instantly makes an impression with her vocals on the opening track “Waiting For” and immediately gives you about a million reasons to keep on listening from here on as her new record plays on.  She’s stylistically slick, she’s got an unfiltered approach to her lyricism that’s fearless AF, and she’s clearly ready to call things as she sees them without hesitation, ready or not.  As she’ll tell ya direct in the main hooks of “Waiting For,” she’s not sticking around for things to just magically happen – she’s ready to make moves, and all the evidence points to the fact that she’s been makin’em with the songs on her brand-new Elevate EP.  From bold notes that ring out powerfully into the air, to the delicate whispers of her voice, it’s crystal clear right from the drop that Era’Nay sings with the confidence you wanna hear, and the precision of a surgeon when it comes to the right energy to suit the moment & needs of the song itself.   What I think I might dig even more than anything else, is that after reading about Era’Nay’s title of being the Princess of R&B Soul makes sense right off the drop – you get a hit of both genres right away through the sound of the music, and of course the way she sings.  “Waiting For” was a great choice for an opener; it’s still a song that more than holds its own beyond being any kind of mere intro – but at the same time, it still also leaves plenty of room for Era’Nay to take her new record even further later on, essentially giving you a great taste of what Elevate is gonna be like & what it might be about, without giving the entire magic away all in one shot with nowhere else to go.

I think there are a ton of people out there that’ll really dig on “In My Feelings” when it comes right down to it – it’s a highly relevant vibe in terms of what’s happening out there right now in the music-scene.  Plus that addictive bounce of the bass-led beat and the way it slides around is pretty much worth the price of admission AND you still get Era’Nay on the m-i-c handlin’ her business as well.  Lots to be lovin’ on here when it comes to the execution and the songwriting – Era’Nay isn’t afraid to let you in on the inside of her thoughts and how she feels…ultimately that’s gonna play a huge role in her overall success.  If you’ve ever had those moments in life where you’re confused & conflicted about what love is all about – and so many of us have – believe me, you’ll have no problem finding a way to relate to what Era’Nay is singing about on “In My Feelings.”  She knows her “love is one in a million” – and there’s zero reasons that I can think of, as to why she shouldn’t expect the exact same in return.  Anything short of that, and she’s out, as she should be!  This is the Princess of R&B Soul y’all – “if you’re shootin’ your shot you better aim quick,” you feel me?  Era’Nay is looking for something real in the world of love; she’ll make that crystal clear for ya throughout the course of this record – but she’ll also make it even more clear that it’s not what defines her.  If it ain’t right, it ain’t right – “love is addictive, like a bad habit, gotta kick this” as she’ll tell ya while she switches it up from singing to hit a few bars of rap on “In My Feelings” for ya – one of her best qualities from what I can tell in listening all comes right down to her judgment & her ability to assess what it is she really wants, what she really needs, and her desire to go after it all, 100%.  If it doesn’t measure up, or she’s not being treated right – Era’Nay’s ready to walk – and it’s gonna be someone else’s loss at the end of the day, big time.  That being said, these kinds of strengths and her level of self-worth is definitely something that a lot of listeners out there will benefit from hearing for sure.  Era’Nay sings what she wants to sing, how she wants to sing it, saying exactly what she wants to say – and just like in life & love, she doesn’t settle for anything less than what she knows she deserves.

“Lesson” is a stellar example of what single-worthy sound is all about, and Era’Nay wisely released this cut in advance of the record last year to entice people in when the record officially dropped.  Incidentally y’all – that happened – the Elevate EP is out there right now at this very moment just waitin’ on you to head over & push play.  Need a reason?  Like…as in, another?  I’ve given you several already – but just in case you need more, go give “Lesson” a spin and see if you can even resist the first ten seconds!  You can’t!  Era’Nay lets the sunshine into the mix here, and it makes a huge difference to the entire vibe for sure – you can hear the inspiration taking hold of her, and you’ll find some of her biggest notes & memorable moments on this whole record right here in this very song.  Era’Nay stays true to who she is & how she writes – you’ll still get a multi-layered cut that’s built on strong complex emotions, but you’ll notice the contrast of the uplifting sound around her does wonders to inject energy into this set.  “Lesson” is a cut people should be really paying attention to though, no doubt about it – this is an empowering song by design, and Era’Nay puts in the confident & cool performance she needed to in order to make these words connect with the impact they do.  “Lesson” is about knowing your worth and not being afraid to walk away from a version of love that ain’t the REAL thing, you dig?  It’s playful & bright on the surface, and the deeper you dig into it, the more you’ll find in her lyrical strengths & the empowered sound that rocks so flawlessly throughout “Lesson” – Era’Nay’s caught the vibe here, 100%.

Era’Nay’s gift for expression is perfectly suited for the R&B/Soul sound she’s looking to create.  You can tell from her pictures & from the fact that we’re listening to her debut EP here, that she’s still young & wildly early-on in the timeline of her career overall – but don’t get it twisted y’all – that’s about the only way you CAN tell.  When you’re listening to songs like “Stay,” it simply sounds like you’re listening to a seasoned veteran of the game that’s been around for years & years – Era’Nay already knows her way around the studio like she was born to live there, and right from these earliest days of her career, you can completely tell she’s got the professionalism, talent, and voice that makes all the difference to us as listeners.  The amount of bold emotion she’s able to thread into her vocals on “Stay” for instance – that’s next-level stuff without a doubt – Era’Nay is more than capable of having us feeling the words she’s singing, and that’s key.  She’s as bold as she is beautiful here…even givin’ ya a bit of the ol’ Billie Holliday-meets-Andra Day magic on the mic in an incredible powerful that’s purely one of Era’Nay’s spellbinding best.  There’s more than an argument to be made on behalf of “Stay” being the deepest cut on this whole record…Era’Nay might very well have a fourth single to put out to go with the other three that have already made it out there in that respect from this six song set.  I’d be taking a good look at it – every time she hits her most massive note right on the way to the end of the first minute, it seriously gives ya that shiver down you’re spine – you know without question that you’re listening to world-class talent in the making.  It’s the kind of performance that’s so strong, you’ll finish hearing it and know that Era’Nay is bound & destined to become a household name – she’s got that superstar talent and the confidence to use it…”Stay” is a remarkable cut by every measure, and she’s absolutely breathtaking.

While her single “Chances” was originally released last year in advance of the record, it also got the video treatment this year back at the end of April in 2021 to promote the EP on the strengths of a song that’s been tried, tested, and true with her audience already.  Smart move!  Era’Nay gets right into the sensual vibes here in the stylistic sound you’ll hear – but at the end of the day, you’ll find “Chances” is much more about self-love & the courage to stand up for what it is you need in a relationship.  Era’Nay ain’t afraid to walk away if y’ain’t treatin’ her right y’all – and neither should you be – that’s a lot of what she’s all about after all I’ve read, seen, and heard from her – she’s here to inspire & encourage others to embrace their value and celebrate what makes you all beautiful.  She’s able to do that through a variety of ways, and whether it’s in a melancholy vibe, or threaded with that uplifting spark – her core message is bulletproof & stronger than steel – stay true to who you are & never compromise what you’re about.  She’s got such exceptional technique already when it comes to how she sings…to think that she’s obviously just going to continue to get better & better from here on in as her career goes on, is actually quite staggering y’all…Era’Nay has all the right instincts on how to entertain & make her songs seriously connect to us in memorable ways.  “I made room for me – not for who I am, for who I’m supposed to be” – you see what she’s singin’ and what I’m sayin’ folks?  Era’Nay’s an insightful songwriter when it comes right down to it…she’s got genuine material with substance here on the Elevate EP, and with the level of confidence, conviction, and professionalism she puts into every word, believe me, you feel these songs.

“Farewell” is pure brilliance, straight-up.  Some songs we can go back & forth on in life, and this ain’t one of’em – this is the kind of cut that’s bound to resonate strong in the hearts & minds of everyone listening.  I was more than proud to have this as the finale cut on our latest episode of the SBS Podcast – it’s a fantastic representation of Era’Nay’s insightful lyricism at its best, and equally for her incredible voice & deep connection with music overall.  Let’s be real here – at its core, “Farewell” is devastatingly real, grounded, and remarkably in-tune with the heavy emotions that come along with having to say goodbye to someone we love all too soon.  This is what I was gettin’ at earlier on with regards to her professionalism & readiness for that next-level – most veterans would be lucky if they could crack the bat this hard with such accuracy by year five, nevermind right at the beginning of a career like Era’Nay is already on a song like “Farewell.”  The hooks on this cut are so immaculately strong & memorable, no set of words I can write here are ever going to do the performance she’s put in enough justice – “Farewell” isn’t just a highlight for Era’Nay’s early career – it’s the kind of cut that reveals strengths you can build an entire legacy around.  It’s the perfect mix of sweetness & sadness combined that she nails with such natural sound that’s beyond extraordinary…if anyone had doubts about whether or not Era’Nay had the X-factor, it’s likely going to be this finale cut that silences the remaining doubters once & for all.  While the music itself is delicate & gentle & still more than appealing to listen to – pay closer attention, and realize just how bare-bones this song really is at its core; there’s just enough melody to guide her along, but the real success of “Farewell” rests entirely on Era’Nay’s shoulders with her vocals pulling the majority of the emotional weight & hooks we hear.  Like I was saying – it’s absolute confirmation that she has all the right talent to make a major impact on the music-scene, and there’s no way to hear it otherwise when you realize that “Farewell” might be THE ultimate highlight of highlights on this whole record, and that what we’re hearing, what resonates the strongest within us, all comes straight from Era’Nay right in the center of the spotlight.  All she needs to succeed is her voice and her perspective – the music we get with that, is purely a bonus.

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